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Back to Basics: 5 Quick and Easy Oil Change Marketing Ideas

Boost profits for your oil change business with these simple marketing ideas.
Cassie Viele
Published Jan 6, 2022

Bringing new life into your oil change business doesn t have to be complicated. In fact, we are of the opinion that you can see a big boost in your profits by customizing your own simple, tried-and-true marketing tools. Postcards, flyers, gift certificates, and more can all make a significant impact to your bottom line. Read on for our top 5!

1. Postcards

Auto Oil Change Postcard Template u9fu86rv3p

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Among the most basic of marketing methods, custom postcards are a quick and easy way to communicate with your existing customer base. If you already maintain a mailing list (or have the ability to purchase one from a reputable source), creating your own oil change postcards is a smart move. Include a special offer, your location information, and the best way to schedule an appointment. With minimal input, you can still maximize the impact of your marketing campaign on your business!

2. EDDM Postcards

Oil Change EDDM Postcard Template brgdlc87xx

Designs via MyCreativeShop

No mailing list? No problem! When you take advantage of the US Postal Service s Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program to send your custom oil change postcards, you can simply select your recipients by their ZIP code or postal route. Include an irresistible special offer that motivates the reader to act, along with your contact and location details. Our oil change EDDM postcard templates make the entire process seamless, leaving you more time to do the work that builds your business.

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3. Flyers

Auto Oil Change Flyer Template slo8dhw3wf

Design via MyCreativeShop

Yet another simple way to bring in new customers is to promote your business with custom flyers. Our easy to personalize oil change flyer templates allow you to add your own eye-catching images, a vibrant call to action, and the necessary details to close the sale - all while staying on-brand. Creating and distributing yours will lift you head and shoulders above the competition!

4. Gift Certificates

Oil Change Gift Certificate Template

Design via MyCreativeShop

If you want to build your customer base, why not try making it possible for your existing clients to purchase gift certificates that they can share with family and friends? Allowing your oil change services to be gift-able adds even more value to what you do. Our oil change gift certificate templates can be customized in all kinds of ways, giving you complete design freedom with zero experience required!

5. Loyalty Cards

Auto Oil Change Loyalty Card Template siykdygmfq

Designs via MyCreativeShop

After you get more cars up on your lifts, do your best to keep them coming back by creating a loyalty program. Our oil change loyalty punch card templates reward your customers with a free oil change after they purchase a specified amount. You can customize both sides to meet your needs and stay on-brand in color scheme, font, style, and more. Offering a punched loyalty card with every oil change is a fantastic way to encourage repeat customers!

Smart Words of Conclusion

In the end, building your oil change business with print marketing is far less complicated than it may appear at first glance. In fact, when you combine our professionally-designed oil change templates and your own industry know-how, driving in new customers is far easier than a simple oil change!

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