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9 Frightfully Fun & Easy Halloween Marketing Ideas

Discover fun and creative ways to make your business stand out this Halloween!
Andrea Schlottman
Published Oct 15, 2021

The spooky season is upon us, and it s not too late to get your marketing campaigns into the Halloween spirit! Find your favorite Halloween marketing ideas in the list below and then use MyCreativeShop s online editor to design, print, or download your marketing materials in no time.

From frightful flyers to haunted posters, these tips and ideas will help you set the stage for some ghastly good marketing!

1. Halloween-ify Your Existing Brand

This is one of the easiest ways to build up that Halloween spirit. By tweaking your existing brand assets, you can add a fun Halloween feel without making major (and possibly expensive) changes. 

Depending on your business, you might:

  • Make a quick Halloween-themed logo variation
  • Create a special Halloween themed product or item
  • Add some spooky design elements to your website, like a darker color theme, some cobwebs in the corner, or a flickering light animation
  • Add some Halloween-themed packaging to your products, like custom cup sleeves
  • Decorate your store with some Halloween posters, streamers, cobwebs, and other party decor

2. (Pumpkin) Spice Up Your Ads

Another easy way to mix in some extra Halloween goodness is to add some clever wordplay to your advertisements. Consider phrases like these:

  • All Tricks, No Treats!
  • Claim These Savings Before the Zombies Do!
  • Trick Yourself? No, Treat Yourself!
  • Fang-tastic Deals for Halloween
  • Deals to Sink Your Teeth Into
  • We re Carving Out Savings
  • Orange You Glad It s Halloween?
This Halloween flyer is perfectly punny. Customize it!

3. Go Trick or Treating

Halloween is one of the few times that people expect and even embrace doorknockers so why not put a creative spin on this idea? Perhaps you could send your team out to distribute door hangers with a piece of candy attached and some kind of special Halloween deal.

If your brand is goofy, fun, or willing to take some risks, you could even go big and send out a costumed mascot to knock on people s doors and advertise your business! A guerilla marketing tactic like this can surprise and delight and who knows? may even have the chance to go viral.

4. Offer a Themed Giveaway

Everyone loves a good giveaway, and seasonal events like Halloween give you an easy theme for a raffle. Design and print Halloween postcards to mail to your customers or your general service areas with instructions on how to enter a spooky Halloween giveaway. 

It could be as simple as customers stopping by your store, tagging you on social media, or purchasing something on your website. Each entry gives the customer a chance to win a prize whether it s something Halloween themed or a discount on your products and services.

Put your own spin on this Halloween postcard template.
Did you know? Even if your business uses email marketing rather than physical mail, you can still design with MyCreativeShop! Just choose the option for web-ready download after you ve finished your design.

5. Host a Social Media Contest

Most people are already looking forward to sharing their Halloween costumes online, so tap into that desire by asking people to include you in their Halloween experiences. By creating some kind of social media contest, you can get people sharing your content and naturally advertising your business to their social network.

You can host a contest for any kind of user-generated content:

  • Best Halloween costume
  • Best Halloween yard decorations
  • Most clever Halloween pun
  • Scariest Halloween tagline for your business
  • Most creative scary story

Just make sure you create a hashtag and clear instructions for the contest. Give participants a reason to share by offering something of value to the winner.

While you're at it, take a look at your social media presence! Is it on brand and well designed? Here are some quick tips on mastering social media brand.

6. Give Out Mystery Coupons

An element of mystery isn t just in line with the Halloween vibe. The right kind of mystery can also pique your customers curiosity and make them more likely to take action with your business.

One good way to do this? Through Trick or Treat coupons! 

Send your customers a Halloween flyer with a mystery coupon code. Make some codes tricks (with no discount) and others treats (with a major discount) giving customers a random chance to save big. The element of suspense may turn an otherwise forgettable deal into something fun and not-to-be-missed.

Add a "trick or treat" coupon to a Halloween flyer this one!

7. Use Suspense to Build Excitement

Similar to the previous tip, you can take advantage of humankind s natural love for mystery by creating some kind of cryptic marketing campaign. After all, Halloween is the perfect time for suspense! 

Your campaign could include:

  • Yard signs posted around town, leading people to an unnamed location with an unnamed prize
  • A series of build-up social media posts advertising nothing more than a plain date or coming soon
  • Flyers or postcards with some kind of riddle to solve to earn a Halloween discount
  • A mystery flash sale advertised by email newsletter, on posters, or on Halloween banners

8. Put on a Spooky Event

Parents are constantly looking for an easy, family-friendly way to entertain their kids. By creating an on-site Halloween event, you can bring more people into your location and build goodwill with potential customers.

Depending on the size, space, and resources you want to commit, you could host a:

  • Costume contest
  • Drive-by trick or treat station
  • In-store haunted house
  • Family fall festival
  • Scary movie watch party
  • Pumpkin patch
  • Pumpkin carving or painting
  • Free candy stop
  • Halloween photo booth
Make even a tiny event feel more exciting by including fun details like Halloween-themed wristbands!
Want to learn more? Get some tips on successfully marketing a local event.

9. Share the Spirit

Everyone loves a freebie, right? To get your whole neighborhood in the Halloween spirit while also getting some free ad space, consider giving away Happy Halloween yard signs. Recipients will get an easy and free way to deck out their yards, and you ll get a natural spot to share your business name and logo. That s a Halloween win-win in our book!

To make this strategy work, be sure to focus on creating an interesting, unique, or creative design for the Halloween yard sign. People will be more likely to display the yard sign if it looks like decoration first and advertisement second.

Why not get some free ad space by giving out Happy Halloween yard signs?

We hope these ideas give you an easy starting point for your Halloween marketing! Hop over to our Halloween templates, and you can download your design to share online or order professional prints right away.

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