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The Best Modern Fonts to Use on Your Next Graphic Design Project

Discover the latest modern fonts for your next design project.
Cassie Viele
Published Dec 14, 2020

A modern typeface stands out visually when used in any graphic design project. They exist in almost every font category, as they are frequently the result of someone taking the time to rethink an existing font style and then putting their own [modern] twist on it. The newly created font may push the design envelope in a new and exciting way or it may simply cut away the trappings of a more traditional typeface and cater to minimalist tastes. Modern fonts can also take something expected and revolutionize how we see and interpret it. In short, modern fonts are any text style that complements a contemporary graphic design project.

There are numerous typeface categories with a host of modern fonts to explore, but we're only going to look closer at three in this article. However, with so many more options out there, and new fonts being developed daily, keep your eye out for the next big thing!

Futuristic Fonts

Original Star Trek Logo

& 2016 CBS Studios Inc. The Star Trek logo as seen in the title sequences of the original series.

Star Trek Motion Picture Logo

1979 Paramount Pictures The Star Trek movie logo as seen in the title sequences of the original motion picture.

Star Trek TNG Logo

& 2016 CBS Studios Inc. The Star Trek: The Next Generation logo as seen in the title sequences of the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series.

The word "futuristic" may immediately bring to mind a litany of sci-fi movies and logos such as the easily recognizable and strong font custom-designed for the different Star Trek logos over the years. The setting of the show (the "future") ensures that these edgy fonts are deemed "futuristic." While the fonts shown above were definitely considered modern at the time, there are some new typefaces that are redefining what "futuristic" really means.


Ailerons Font

Image via BeFonts Ailerons by Ailerons Typeface

Inspired by 1940s aircraft models, Ailerons is an innovative all-caps typeface that uses character spacing and omitted lines (such as the meanline of the capital letter "A" which brings to mind another classic sci-fi movie) to exude mystery and power. If you're looking to revamp your futuristic brand, Ailerons has the ability to stand out from many of the other modern logo fonts.


Lombok Font

Image via Behance Lombok by Alexandre Pietra

Lombok is a modern font with an aesthetic that is simultaneously primitive and futuristic. This dichotomy creates an otherworldly feel that is best utilized for titles and logos, where it can really make an impact to be remembered by future generations.


Polya Font

Image via 1001Fonts Polya Regular by Adrien Coquet

Inspired by three-dimensional design, Polya is a modern font that falls clearly into the futuristic category. Its natural geometric elements create interest and make it yet another intriguing member of the modern logo fonts family.

Modern Calligraphy Fonts

Hand Lettering vs Calligraphy Image

Image via Loveleigh Loops

The recent fascination with hand-lettering (also known as modern calligraphy) has inspired a variety of contemporary fonts. Unlike their more traditional, scripted predecessors, these modern handwritten fonts are free and fun, without rigidity, mimicking cursive handwriting. These modern fonts are personal and natural while also being elegant. These qualities make them a favorite for wedding invitations, greeting cards, personal notes, and stationery.

Compared to other modern font styles, these fonts are innately free-flowing and rule-free. In fact, there are many modern calligraphy fonts that are actual two fonts combined to make a perfectly-matched font duo. Many of these font duos consist of a combination of uppercase and lowercase fonts to give each one a clear purpose. Since calligraphy in general can sometimes be more decorative than readable, having a second paired font can expand on the overall impact of the choice to use a unique and innovative font!


Northwell Font

Image via MyFonts Northwell by Set Sail Studios

Known as "a rustic, dapper handwritten font with a personal charm," Northwell has an old-school feel that is somehow decidedly modern. Pair it with a clean and simple all-caps font for a complete and readable look.

Palmer Lake

Palmer Lake Font

Image via MyFonts Palmer Lake by Jen Wagner Co.

Palmer Lake is a fun and friendly font duo to add a personal and modern touch to any project. With uppercase letters in all-caps print and lowercase letters in a smooth and casual handwritten script, this font package is a one-two punch that will make waves when used in line with a coordinating branding strategy.

Seventeen Winter

Seventeen Winter Font

Image via MyFonts Seventeen Winter by Sinjani21

The combination of Seventeen Winter's Signature and Regular fonts makes a sharp and icy impact that is truly unforgettable. This recently-released modern calligraphy font is both edgy and fun and has already made a decidedly icy splash.

Minimalist Sans Serif Fonts

I Am Sans Graphic

Image via Neuron Themes I Am Sans

One of the most prolific of the modern font families is the long list of streamlined sans serif fonts. Stripped of those clunky serifs (the small line at the end of a broader stroke - think Times New Roman or Garamond), it's the modern sans serif that breaks through the barrier of tradition and creates a modern and minimalist feel that is a good fit for almost any use case

They are one of the cleanest and most flexible text styles you can use; they are suitable for any project without the risk of being too tacky or out-of-place. At most, your design will be seen as simple or minimalistic something that sans serif excels in.

Helvetica  Now

Helvetica Now Font

Image via MyFonts Helvetica  Now by Monotype

The best-known minimalist sans serif font is Helvetica. It is also arguably the most used typeface in the world. Its newest iteration, Helvetica Now, comes in three distinct weights (Micro, Text, and Display) and provides a neutral modern font for any project. Its readability and adaptability are two of its greatest assets, and make it a can't-lose choice.

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova Font

Image via MyFonts Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson

A modern remake of the classic Proxima Sans font, Proxima Nova "straddles the gap between typefaces like Futura and classic sans faces." Available in a variety of font types and widths, Proxima Nova is a neoclassic sans serif font that doesn't overthink it.



Image via MyFonts FF DIN by Albert Jan-Pool and FontFont

FF DIN is a modern sans serif font family with a lot to offer. Available in a variety of weights and types, FF DIN has been included in the MoMA Architecture and Design Collection in New York since 2011. Its place in the modern minimalist sans serif font hall of fame has been secured, making it an ideal choice for your marketing materials from top (headings) to bottom (fine print/micro) and everything in between (text).

Cera Pro

Cera Font

Image via MyFonts Cera Pro by Jakob Runge and TypeMates

A "contemporary geometric typeface," Cera Pro is a font developed from basic shapes and providing a wide array of applications. Its clean consistency makes it an excellent choice for any of your marketing materials.


Mont Font

Image via MyFonts Mont by Fontfabric

Another of the geometrically-based modern minimalist sans serif fonts, Mont is a balanced option with unique details. Like the other sans serif fonts we've looked at, it works well for headings and titles, but it can also handle long stretches of text with grace. To quote its own description, "up with Mont to the top and beyond!"

How to Incorporate Modern Font Styles into Your Design

The seemingly endless array of free modern fonts available can make choosing one feel overwhelming. To ease that stress, you'll want to first work through your company's existing branding strategy to determine the type of font that will fit in with your brand. If your business is known for being edgy and forward-thinking, a futuristic modern font is your jam. Fun and casual? Check out the modern calligraphy and hand lettered font options out there. Looking for something a bit more neutral? Minimalist sans serif fonts are always ready to save the day. Or, go ultra-modern by combining any of the above options to create a unique look that is entirely on-brand!


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