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8 Print Materials to Boost Trade Show ROI

Boost your trade show ROI with these impactful print materials.
Jason Frueh
Published May 3, 2019

If your trade show ROI is low, you're not alone. Bizzabo found that 29 percent of marketers say increasing revenue from their event strategy was their biggest challenge.

Supplementing conversations with print materials is one way to improve your chances, both at the show and after.

This gives potential clients something tangible to remember you by, and is more effective than a digital follow up, like an email, because physical materials require less cognitive load than digital. Not to mention, the amount of time the person spends reviewing the material, how much they process, and how much they remember, all increase when the material is physical versus digital, according to Roger Dooley, with Neuromarketing.

Use the power of print to ensure attendees remember you long after they leave the booth.

Eye-Catching Booth Banner

Real Estate Trade Show Banner
Designed on MyCreativeShop

Attract more people to your trade show booth with a banner that attendees can see from across the room.  Your booth banner is your chance to make an impression on every single person who walks by, even if they don t stop and say hi. To make the most of this critical booth element, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Use large text that can easily be read from far away. Check out our guide to understanding DPI to see how to size your text for any distance.
  • Stick to your brand guidelines when choosing text, colors, messaging and graphics
  • Include social media handles so people can easily connect with you, even if they don t stop and talk to you at your booth.

Make your banner truly stand out by using it to promote a special giveaway. If you ve never hosted a trade show giveaway before, check out this extensive guide from trade show experts at Nimlok.

Design it: Browse our banner templates

Updated Business Cards

Chiropractor Trade Show Business Card
Design on MyCreativeShop

Business cards are still relevant, despite living in the digital age, and can be a critical element for boosting your trade show ROI. First and foremost, they re an easy way to share direct contact information, including your phone number and email address the latter of which is usually not readily available online. They can also act as marketing collateral.

When well-designed and well-branded, your business card is a simple marketing tool. Use this to drive sales by including a discount or otherwise memorable and unique element on one side of the business card. For example, someone who sells essential oils may put an essential oil guide on the back of their business card that includes that five most popular essential oils and what to use them for, plus a 10 percent discount on their first order.

If you already have business cards, now is the time to update them. Refresh your branding, update contact info, and add a unique element to make an impact.

Design it: Browse our business card templates

Brochures for Products and Services

Landscaping Trade Show Brochure
Designed on MyCreativeShop

Brochures allow you to showcase products and services with more detailed information than a flyer might include. When designing your tradeshow brochure, keep these five simple tips in mind:

  • Identify your objective
  • Include a prominent CTA
  • Write persuasive copy
  • Focus on simple design
  • Use color to your advantage

To have to the greatest impact, and see an increase in trade show ROI, create separate brochures for each product or service. This allows you to single out the benefits of each one, without confusing readers. Remember that you can have more than one brochure, depending on your business, including one that provides an overview of your business, in addition to product- or service-specific brochures.

Don t forget to make your brochure interactive by including QR Code or shortened link that takes attendees to your website or another branded online property.

Design it: Browse our brochure templates

Trade Show-Specific Flyers

Trade Show Seminar Flyer
Designed on MyCreativeShop

Don t just have any old flyers at your trade show booth. Tailor them to the audience you ll be connecting with, while also keeping the theme of the trade show in mind. Attendees will remember the trade show for months to come, and if your flyer is related to their experience, it s easier for them to connect you with it.

If you re feeling stuck on fresh ideas for your design, check out our blog post, 20+ Flyer Examples to Inspire You. Don t forget to add a custom discount for whichever product or service is featured on your flyer. When customers redeem the deal, you ll know they came from the trade show. This can be as simple as saying, Include [Trade Show Name] in the subject line to redeem this deal!

Design it: Browse our flyer templates

Stickers to Give Away as Swag

Trade Show Sticker Swag
Designed on MyCreativeShop

Stickers make for great swag because once attendees stick them on their laptop or water bottle, that person has a constant reminder of your brand. When designing your stickers, consider a variety of design types, including:

  • Minimalist: Your logo or business name with a simple, solid color background.
  • Playful: Use a fun quote or phrase related to your business, but that can also stand alone.
  • Contact-based: Include contact information so customers can easily get ahold of you.

Use stickers to encourage social engagement long after the trade show is done by adding a branded hashtag.

Design it: Browse our sticker templates

Branded Pocket Folders

Architecture Trade Show Pocket Folders
Designed on MyCreativeShop

Branded pocket folders add a professional touch when connecting with potential vendors or high-value clients. Not only are they functional, but folders make it easy to share important paperwork with new contacts in a neat and easy-to-manage package.

Line all pocket folders with brochures and flyers before you head to the trade show so they re ready to give out when you get there. With one less thing to do, you can focus on meeting people and having important  conversations.

Design it: Browse our pocket folder templates

Informational Table Tents

Trade Show Fitness Table Tent
Designed on MyCreativeShop

If you re lucky enough to have a few high tops for taking meetings and private conversations, table tents are a great marketing tool. They allow you to maintain branding across the entire booth, while also sharing more information about your business.

Table tents are small, and can be easy to miss, so make sure they re well-branded, and pop with your brand colors. Don t forget to use large print for heading text, which will help draw the eye of anyone walking by.

Bonus: Include a shortened link to your online scheduling calendar so anyone passing by can automatically make an appointment to connect with you if you don t have a meeting in person at the event.

Design it: Browse our table tent templates

Use the Power of Print to Drive Trade Show ROI

Make your trade show conversations more impactful by printing the right materials. Fresh business cards and branded folders will make a great impression, while eye-catching banners and well-designed brochures will allow you to show who you are and what you do. Use print marketing materials to boost trade show ROI once and for all.

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