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Kpop Calendar: Award Shows, Birthdays, Debuts & More

Discover the ultimate Kpop calendar and ways to celebrate all year long.
Andrea Schlottman
Published May 4, 2022

No matter which Kpop group you re most dedicated to or who your bias is, there's alwaysa reason to celebrate. That s the beauty of Kpop! Get ready for a whole year of Kpop parties by following the calendar below.

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Sometime in JanuaryKorean Golden Disc Awards
Sometime in JanuarySeoul Music Awards (SMA)
January 3Birthday of Jisoo from BlackPink
January 14Birthday of KAI from EXO
January 15Birthday of Hyungwon from MONSTA X
January 16GOT7 debut day
January 16Birthday of Seungkwan from Seventeen
January 16Birthday of Jennie from BlackPink
January 26Birthday of I.M. from MONSTA X
Sometime in FebruaryGaon Chart Music Awards
February 1 Birthday of Jihyo from TWICE
February 11Birthday of Dino from Seventeen
February 11Birthday of Ros Ros from BlackPink
February 12ITZY debut day
February 18Birthday of Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) from BTS
February 18Birthday of DK from Seventeen
February 19Birthday of Vernon from Seventeen
February 23ASTRO debut day
March 1Birthday of Wonho from MONSTA X (former member)
March 4 TEXT debut day
March 9Birthday of Min Yoongi (Suga) from BTS
March 24 Birthday of Mina from TWICE
March 25Stray Kids debut day
March 27 Birthday of Lisa from BlackPink
April 6Birthday of Mingyu from Seventeen
April 8EXO debut day
April 9-10NCT debut day (with NCT-U unit)
April 12Birthday of Sehun from EXO
April 23 Birthday of Chaeyoung from TWICE
Sometime in May or JuneDream Concert
May 6Birthday of Baekhyun from EXO
May 14MONSTA X debut day
May 16Birthday of IU
May 25SHINee debut day
May 26Seventeen debut day
May 28 Birthday of Dahyun from TWICE
June 1 - June 13BTS Festa
June 10Birthday of Jun from Seventeen
June 14 Birthday of Tzuyu from TWICE
June 15Birthday of Hoshi from Seventeen
June 17Birthday of Wonwoo from Seventeen
June 18Birthday of Shownu from MONSTA X
July 9BTS Army Day
Sometime in AugustK-CON USA (in Los Angeles)
August 1Red Velvet debut day
August 5Girls Generation debut day
August 7TREASURE debut day
August 8BlackPink debut day
August 18Birthday of S.Coups from Seventeen
August 19LOONA debut concert
Sometime in SeptemberINK (Incheon Kpop Concert)
September 1Birthday of Jungkook from BTS
September 12Birthday of RM from BTS
September 22Birthday of Nayeon from TWICE
Sometime in OctoberSBS Super Concert
Sometime in OctoberK-Pop World Festival 
October 4Birthday of Jeonghan from Seventeen
October 6Birthday of Joohoney from MONSTA X
October 13Birthday of Jimin from BTS
October 20TWICE debut day
October 24ATEEZ debut day
Sometime in NovemberAsian Artist Awards (AAA)
November 1Birthday of Jungyeon from TWICE
November 3Birthday of Minhyuk from MONSTA X
November 6Super Junior debut day
November 7Birthday of The8 from Seventeen
November 9 Birthday of Momo from TWICE
November 22Birthday of Kihyun from MONSTA X
November 22Birthday of Woozi from Seventeen
Sometime in DecemberSBS Gayo Daejeon
Sometime in DecemberMelon Music Awards (MMA)
Sometime in DecemberMnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)
Sometime in DecemberKBS Gayo Daechukje
December 4, Birthday of Jin from BTS
December 29Birthday of Sana from TWICE
December 30Birthday of V from BTS
December 30Birthday of Joshua from Seventeen

Before we wrap up the annual calendar, another notable mention has to go to October 9th, which is Hangul Day, or Korean Alphabet Day. 

While this is certainly not a Kpop-exclusive holiday, it s something that Kpop groups and fans alike celebrate all over social media and IRL. And it s no surprise the global phenomenon of Kpop is probably more responsible for the spread of the Korean alphabet than literally anything else in the history of the world. Pretty awesome, right?

Important Weekly Dates to Remember

Any diehard Kpop fan knows that weekly Korean TV shows are extremely important to the success of rising Kpop groups. Music show wins are an important and emotional milestone for so many, including the fans who have worked hard to help their favorite groups by streaming their music videos, pre-voting, live voting, and purchasing their records.

To stay on top of the weekly show schedule, the most important music shows and their weekly broadcast days (in Korea Standard Time) are as follows:

  • The Show (SBS MTV): Tuesdays
  • Show Champion (MBC M): Wednesdays
  • M! Countdown (Mnet): Thursdays
  • Music Bank (KBS2 and KBS World): Fridays
  • Show! Music Core (MBC): Saturdays
  • Inkigayo (SBS): Sundays

Fan voting is what determines the award winners for these music shows, and even internationally based fans can contribute to most of them via dedicated mobile apps. Just be sure to mark your calendar because pre-voting usually ends a couple of days before broadcast.

For a deeper look at the voting schedules for these Korean music shows, check this Kpop music show guide.

Other Year-Round Ways to Celebrate Kpop

Designed by Marie | @yxjkook

Of course, you don t have to wait for a specific day of the year to throw a little party for your favorite idols. Here are some other ways that Kpop stans are sharing the joy all year long:

No matter the month, you ve certainly got a whole host of reasons to celebrate and an entire fandom to join you. Have fun!

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