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How to Use Posters for Hyperlocal Real Estate Marketing

Combine Online and Real-World Tactics for Maximum Impact
Jason Frueh
Published Nov 1, 2019

As so much of real estate marketing migrates to an online space, hyperlocal has become the term du jour. However, that does not in any way mean that real-world marketing methods are being replaced. Instead, looking for ways to leverage the two arenas in tandem will give you results that are the best of both worlds.

What is Hyperlocal Real Estate Marketing?

First, we have to agree on what hyperlocal marketing looks like. As a real estate agent, it means setting your sights on a very specific (hyperlocal!) niche and drilling down on it in all areas. Your goal in all strategies is to dominate all online searches and word-of-mouth referrals for your territory and be known as the best agent in that neighborhood or subdivision. The more detailed you can get in your target area ("best family-friendly real estate agent in the Osgood subdivision of Fargo, ND"), the more value you can provide.

City Map Graphic Comprehensive focus on your target neighborhood is key.
Comprehensive focus on your target neighborhood is key.

Hyperlocal real estate marketing also involves curating important news and information about organizations, people, and events that affect your niche. School ratings, road construction plans, and economic development announcements are all key details you'll need to be on top of. The best real estate agents are the ones who are the experts on the neighborhood(s) they specialize in. Make yourself indispensable to buyers and sellers alike by being THE source for info in your area. Remember, for any strategy to be effective, it (and you) will need to be authentic.

Hyperlocal real estate marketing is all about finding your niche. It involves evaluating your strengths alongside the real estate needs of your community. To be successful, you must identify your real estate POV and dive in with both feet.

Leverage Hyperlocal Print Marketing to Bolster Your Digital Presence

Speaking of feet, hyperlocal real estate marketing isn't just a digital reality - it benefits from an accompanying "boots on the ground" strategy. There are unlimited options when it comes to developing a hyperlocal print marketing campaign - flyers, brochures, yard signs, door hangers. For our purposes, we're going to take a closer look at the oft-underestimated poster.

Rubber boots on a wall Put some boots on the ground to get the most out of your hyperlocal real estate marketing strategy.
Put some boots on the ground to get the most out of your hyperlocal real estate marketing strategy.

Let's be frank. Many homebuyers today are going to find their next property online (50%, according to the National Association of Realtors). So, your challenge is to attract those buyers to YOUR online listings. One of the ways to direct traffic to your site is by utilizing posters to connect with residents in your niche neighborhood.

Because you are the best real estate agent in your area, you should be able to discern where potential buyers would be most likely to see your posters. It may be the local coffee shop on the corner, the newly-opened 24/7 fitness center, or the diamond-in-the-rough diner down the street.

Read on for tips on how to incorporate posters into your hyperlocal real estate marketing strategy.

1. Showcase Recent Local Home Sales

Just Sold EDDM Postcard
Just Sold EDDM Postcard - Customize it

A solid strategy for attracting potential homebuyers or sellers to your agency is for them to see that you have closed the deal on other properties like theirs. When going hyperlocal, that means that you need to share your recent sales in the same area you made the sale. Potential clients need to trust that you can make their dreams come true, too. There's no better way to build that trust than by showing them proof of what you've already done.

The above EDDM postcard design could easily be modified to fit any of our poster templates in order to grace the walls and bulletin boards of the local hotspots.

2. Promote New Local Listings and Open Houses

Garden Street Just Listed Flyer
Garden Street Just Listed Flyer - Customize it
Loveland Open House Poster
Loveland Open House Poster - Customize it

Just as seeing recent sales in their neighborhood can encourage prospective buyers or sellers to contact you, learning that their neighbors have recently placed their home on the market can have the same effect. Drum up a bit of excitement for those properties (and a few new clients!) by using the design of the above "Just Listed" flyer to turn one of our poster templates into a hyperlocal marketing machine. You can even merge your design with the layout of the "Just Sold" postcard mentioned earlier to make an even bigger impact!

Generating foot traffic from within the neighborhood is also an effective method of getting your new listings sold. Create a poster that promotes an upcoming open house and post it in the locations you've already identified as being well-traveled. Distribute business cards to open house guests for themselves or a friend. Who better to have as their new neighbors?

3. Target Renters With Relevant Local Statistics

Goodbye Rent Door Hanger
Goodbye Rent Door Hanger - Customize it

The Pew Research Center reports that more U.S. homes are renting than at any point during the past 50 years. However, not everyone who rents wants to stay that way. Motivate those renters to consider joining (or rejoining, as the case may be) the world of homeownership by creating and displaying posters that lay out key rent v. buy statistics for your neighborhood.

The above door hanger template is a prime example of a factor (saving money) that would motivate a renter to jump into homeownership with both feet. You can leverage your inside knowledge of the neighborhood to share even more words of homebuying wisdom on your posters. Make sure to direct the reader to call or connect with you via your website or social media.

4. Organize a Community Fundraiser

Clothing Drive Fundraiser Poster
Clothing Drive Fundraiser Poster - Customize it

If you truly consider yourself a part of the neighborhood you specialize in, being involved with and giving back to the community should be a no-brainer. Raise your profile (and do some good) by organizing a charity fundraiser, food/clothing drive for the food pantry or homeless shelter, or benefit for a local family in need. According to a survey by Bizzabo, 95 percent of people who attend events feel it s a great way to form personalized connections with businesses. Any act of kindness needs to be genuine to truly generate the support of your community. Make sure that your posters prominently feature the need you are seeking to fill. Your name and logo should be a secondary consideration.

5. Show Your Support for a Local School Sports Team or Program

Champion Basketball Banner
Champion Basketball Banner - Customize it

Being involved in the community means that the success of programs and schools in the area is your success, too. Show your support by customizing posters that praise the local school sports team for a big win. Or, design a poster that encourages them to do their best at the next competition or game. The above banner showcases a design that can easily translate to one of our poster templates. Shared love of watching young people compete is a win-win method of connecting with potential clients in your area.

Win at Hyperlocal Real Estate Marketing With Posters

The right location and right message are essential for a successful hyperlocal poster marketing campaign. Get to know your neighborhood and identify with your audience. You can then easily design the perfect marketing poster and attract potential clients across the entire community.


Ready to drill down and add posters to your hyperlocal marketing strategy? Browse our catalog of available poster templates to find one you can make your own and check out these resources:

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