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How to Market Your Snow Removal Business [9 Tips + Free Templates!]

Master the art of marketing your snow removal business.
Andrea Schlottman
Published Jan 16, 2022

Snow removal may be a seasonal business, but there s certainly year-round opportunity for successful marketing. And since we never know exactly when Mother Nature will grace us with her first and last snows of the season, it s best to be ready for anything!

Whether you re starting a brand-new snow removal business, looking to grow a landscaping business in the off season, or trying to build up some fresh leads, you ll find some essential marketing tips in the list below. 

1. Be Crystal Clear

No matter what kind of snow removal marketing collateral you re creating, it s essential to be clear and concise.

Think about it like this. Someone who needs snow removal probably needs to get somewhere and doesn t have time to wait around for days. They re likely a bit stressed about the situation and are looking for reliable, reassuring service. The clearer your message is, the easier it will be for this person to contact you!

Whether you re creating a snow removal flyer or door hanger, be sure to include:

  • A large headline that clearly expresses your snow removal services
  • Easy-to-read contact information: phone, email, website URL, etc.
  • An attractive offer or value proposition see the next two points!

3. Highlight What Makes You Different

You are certainly not the only snow removal business in your local area, but there s something about your business that makes you different. So communicate that difference to potential customers!

For example, ask yourself questions like these:

  • Do you offer free guaranteed quotes?
  • Do you use state-of-the-art equipment that s quieter, faster, or more eco-friendly?
  • Do you offer a 24/7 response?
  • Can you guarantee same-day service or every job done in less than ___ hours ?
  • Do you offer more extensive neighborhood coverage than any other local company?
  • Do you provide easy online booking?
  • Do you have a longer history or more/better customer reviews than other companies?

Whatever your unique selling point might be, highlight it on your snow removal flyer or mailer.

This snow removal EDDM postcard highlights their Superior Clean Promise!

3. Make an Offer

Because you aren t the only snow removal contractor in the area, it s important to find a way to stand out. New customers in particular need a reason to contact you over any other company, and special offers are often what move people from just thinking about you to actually reaching out.

Consider making some kind of offer such as:

  • Special discounts for senior citizens
  • Loyal customers get ___% off!
  • $___ off your first call
  • Pay for ___ square feet and get ____ square feet free
  • Free sidewalk shoveling with full lawn snow removal
  • Free roof de-icing

4. Be Early

Especially in the midst of planning for a busy holiday season, the winter snows can sneak up on us. Remind your current and potential customers to start thinking about snow removal before the ice and snowstorms hit!

This could include some kind of educational mailer before winter arrives, or it could be even more hyperlocal and timely. Keep an eye on the two-week weather forecast and time your mailer or door-hanging campaigns accordingly. The weatherman won t always be right, but when he is, you ll be perfectly positioned to help.

This snow removal flyer reminds recipients that the winter snows are coming.

5. Provide Helpful Tips

In addition to marketing messages, consider providing educational information to potential customers. These could include:

  • Safe snow shoveling tips
  • What NOT to do when DIY snow removing
  • When to DIY vs. when to call the pros
  • What to look for after a snowstorm
  • How to prepare for snow removal services
  • Common mistakes dealing with snow and ice
  • How to protect flowers and landscaping before a storm

By offering helpful content like this, you ll become a go-to resource and will build up goodwill with your community. When the snows are too heavy for homeowners to deal with on their own, you ll be the first to call!

A larger snow removal flyer like this one would be great for sharing some winter home care tips.

6. Encourage Repeat Business

The simplest and fastest way to grow any business is to get more out of your current customers. One way to do this is to sell your snow removal services as packages, with increasingly great discounts as the packages get larger. For example, you could offer an on-demand winter care package in three different frequencies: once a month, twice a month, or weekly.

You could also consider creating some kind of yearly membership program where snow removal is the winter service (complementing traditional lawn care or landscaping in the spring, summer, and fall).

If you re a lawn care business, check out our year-round marketing calendar for lawn care pros.

7. Offer Referral and Review Incentives

Happy customers love sharing a reliable business, and it s worth doing everything you can to encourage referrals. You might offer a special discount to customers who refer you or a buy-one-get-one gift certificate so that current clients can easily share your service with a new friend or family member.

You could also provide incentives for leaving you a review on social media, Yelp, Angi, or other home services platforms. For easier access, add a QR code to a snow service flyer like the one below.

8. Expand Your Market

Homeowners and families definitely need snow removal services, but they aren t the only ones and they usually aren t the highest-value clients, either. If you have the capacity for larger projects, consider marketing your snow removal services to the bigger fish in your community, such as:

  • Municipal services
  • Local government agencies
  • Public school districts
  • Homeowners associations (HOAs)
  • Property management firms

9. Go EDDM

If you re looking to reach more potential customers in your area for a low cost (and what snow removal business isn't, right?), EDDM postcards are the way to go. They're easy, cost-effective, and quick to deploy.

Every Day Direct Mail , or EDDM, is a service offered by USPS that allows you to send direct mail to properties within specified zip codes. It s like having your own targeted mailing list except you don t have to know anything except the zip code!

An EDDM postcard like this one is the perfect way to get your snow removal business in front of thousands of local homeowners.
Learn more in our ultimate guide to EDDM or start with our list of essential EDDM tips and tricks.

Get Your Snow Removal Service Out There!

Winter snows are a fact of life, and with the simple marketing tips above, you ll be well positioned to help your community survive those tough winter months. Make the most of the cold season by heading over to our library of templates to start designing your snow removal flyer, door hanger, or EDDM postcard today.

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