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Dustin Hodgson | Design

Check Out These Awesome Back To School Templates [August Edition]

The start of the school year is filled with promotions, events & information that will get printed and shared online with parents, kids and teachers.

Retail stores feature back to school specials, schools communicate their open house times and so much more. It’s a pretty big deal and we’re here to make your life easier when it comes to advertising during this chaotic time.

One way we can help is by creating templates that you can easily customize online without feeling like a fool!

Below are some of the most common print categories for back to school advertising and every single one of them can easily be customized online using our online editor!

Awesome Back To School Templates This August

Featuring flyers, posters and yard signs

Back To School Fundraiser Poster Template

Open House School Poster Template

Elementary Back To School Flyer Template

Back To School Open House Poster Template

Fun Back To School Flyer Template

Yellow Back To School Flyer Template

School Party Flyer Template

Back To School Yard Sign Template

Back To School Sign Up Poster Template

School Orientation Day Poster Template

Back To School Enrollment Poster Template

Green Back To School Poster Template

Thanks for designing with us!

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