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9 Ways to Improve Your Brand Design With MyCreativeShop

Learn how to create professional branding design with MyCreativeShop's online editing tool.
Dustin Hodgson
Published Nov 3, 2019

Great branding design is critical to the success of your marketing. According to a recent survey by Wibbitz, 84 percent of marketers said creating visual content has improved their brand awareness, and another 71 percent said it s increased leads or sales. To reap these benefits, however, you have to get it right.

The challenge though is that creating media posts and offline marketing materials can be a daunting task if you re not a professional designer. In addition, finding a design tool to utilize across all your assets, from print to digital, can be just as hard.

That s where MyCreativeShop comes in. Our online editing tool allows you to create great materials with little to no design experience, either from scratch or by starting with one of our professionally crafted templates. The best part of all - most features are included at no additional cost. Instead of struggling to design another important flyer on your own, improve your branding design with MyCreativeShop.

1. Highlight Brand Colors

Searching through tiny thumbnail-size color swatches to find the ones that match your brand's color scheme can feel like a huge waste of your valuable time. In addition, repeating that laborious step for every subsequent project will leave you spent and ready to give up. However, keeping your colors consistent across all projects is key to a successful branding strategy. What's an amateur designer to do?

CMYK Graphic
Color Favorites Graphic

Rather than searching for those distinct shades and hues every time, you can use the color editor in MyCreativeShop to enter your custom CMYK color codes or use the color picker to choose your brand colors. Then, set those colors as favorites by dragging them to the star in the top right corner so they ll be available for all projects and templates every time you log in to create a new design.

2. Upload Your Own Branded Images

The images you choose for your designs need to reflect your brand. Is your brand sarcastic and funny or serious and academic? Choosing photos to give the right tone to your designs is critical to maintaining your brand voice.

 MCS My Images Graphic

MyCreativeShop allows you to upload your own images into the dashboard so they re ready to use when you need them. You can also edit images for each individual project while the raw file stays in your gallery to be used again and again. When using MyCreativeShop, there s no need to find or pay for a separate photo editor.

3. Browse Free Images

MCS Our Gallery Graphic

You don t need to invest in an expensive stock image service when you use MyCreativeShop. Our gallery has thousands of royalty-free images that you can select and use for any of your projects. All you need to do is search for the kind of image you want and scroll through the options until you find the perfect one.

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4. Pick the Right Fonts

How we made it easy to find a font

Selecting the right font is almost as important as selecting the right message for your marketing assets. If you don t yet have a signature brand font, MyCreativeShop has more than 150 options from which to choose. Our font choices are grouped into easy-to-distinguish families. Plus, every font you use will be stored as "Recent, which allows you to easily find and use your selections across all projects.

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5. Reuse Familiar Layouts

Consistency is key when developing the layout of your marketing materials. When the overall look and feel remains the same from one brochure to the next and from flyers to social media posts, customers are more likely to recognize your brand, regardless of the document format.

MCS Duplicate Graphic

MyCreativeShop makes it easy to duplicate existing templates and edit various aspects of each project without having to start over. This saves you creative energy and allows you to complete your designs faster.

6. Make White Space Stand Out

White Space Graphic
Source: Google

Allowing for white space within your design makes it easier to read your content. Pratik Hegde sums it up well:

White Space in design composition is [the] same as [the] use of Silence in a musical composition. Without proportionate use of Silence, music is unstructured; some may call it noise. Similarly, without White Space, design is unstructured and difficult to consume.

White space (or whitespace) is not meant to be taken literally. The "white" space can be of any color, texture, pattern, or background image. MyCreativeShop's customizable templates are designed to include an ideal balance of white space and content, so you know your message will stand out. 

7. Leverage Internal Collaboration

Anyone who works with multiple teams knows that waiting for projects to be reviewed and approved can be a major bottleneck when executing a project. In fact, an employee engagement survey from Nintex found that 43 percent of workers report that the top broken document management process in their organization is the system of document approval requests.

Share Graphic
Share your project from within the editor...
Share Graphic 2
...or share from the project dashboard.

Streamlining the document review and approval process is essential to putting out the best possible marketing product. MyCreativeShop provides a helpful shared page that provides you with a shareable link that you can send to those team members who need to give feedback - or a thumbs up.

8. Print Your Projects Directly With MyCreativeShop

Working with multiple print vendors can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. Plus, you risk getting different quality results and prices from each one. MyCreativeShop makes it easy to order prints of your projects within minutes after you complete them.

MyCreativeShop Print Graphic

Simply select how many prints you want, the type of paper you need, and your delivery date. We ll take care of the rest - no middle man required!

9. Create Brand Consistency Across All Channels

According to a 2019 study by Taradel, 82 percent of small businesses will market their brands on two or more channels, and 58 percent leverage at least three. In order to be effective from one platform to the next, you need to maintain visual brand consistency so your audience can better recognize you and your company.

Taradel Survey Channel Graphic
Source: 2019 Small Business Marketing Survey

Once you ve uploaded your logo or brand images and favorited your color scheme and brand font in your account, you can use them with each and every asset you create, from social media posts to flyers. This allows you to maintain brand consistency with zero extra headaches.

Level Up Your Branding Design with MyCreativeShop

Your branding design plays a major role in the success of your marketing. You need to make sure that your assets are professional in both look and feel and are consistent from one platform to the next. Use MyCreativeShop to ensure your designs are high-quality and well-branded, even if you have no design experience. Our number one piece of customer feedback is just how easy it is to use our online editor. But don't just take their word for it - find out for yourself!


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