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Affordable, Easy & Durable: 8 Benefits of Yard Signs

Discover why yard signs are an effective and cost-friendly marketing tool.
Andrea Schlottman
Published Nov 22, 2021

In a world where marketing trends come and go at the speed of an internet connection, it s easy to forget about tried-and-true print marketing methods. But we think this post will change your mind! Yard signs may seem like nothing flashy, but they are an excellent way to attract new business, raise brand awareness, and engage your current customer base.

From restaurants to real estate agents, here are 8 reasons why you ll want to add yard signs to your marketing toolkit!

1. Easy Location Targeting

There s a reason why yard signs are practically synonymous with garage sales: they are a simple yet highly effective way to draw attention to a particular physical location. Of course, it doesn t have to be a garage sale, either! 

With the right signage, you can pique the interest of potential customers at the exact location it matters most. For example, yard signs are the perfect way to draw attention to:

  • Restaurants
  • Event parking
  • Real estate open houses
  • Property for sale 
  • Retail grand openings
  • Voting locations
  • Businesses that are now hiring
This yard sign would be ideal for showcasing a home for sale. Customize it!

2. Low Investment

Another reason why yard signs are such a common DIY marketing tool? They re very inexpensive! Compared to the cost of a single large billboard, a TV/radio spot, or a complex digital marketing campaign, yard signs cost a tiny fraction of the budget. 

If you design your yard sign with MyCreativeShop, you ll know exactly what it costs including shipping as soon as you re ready to print. Our yard signs are budget-friendly but create a much more professional image than writing on a store-bought yard sign by hand.

3. No Specialized Knowledge Required

The low financial investment of yard signs is mirrored by an equally low investment of time and effort. In fact, as far as marketing efforts go, yard signs are one of the simplest to implement! You don t need to know anything about the latest marketing technology, and you won t have to learn how to use a new software platform or tool.

All you need for an effective yard sign is this:

  • A short headline in large text
  • Your business contact information
  • Your logo and light branding
  • An eye-catching color palette
You can customize all of these items with our yard sign templates! Get more detailed tips in our quick guide to making yard signs.

4. Guaranteed Local Audience

Another key benefit of yard signs is that, for the most part, you get to control who sees them. You can place them in particular neighborhoods, retail centers, or permitted public areas to reach the right demographic for your business.

After all, you know your local area (and your unique target audience) better than anyone!

5. Multiple Views per Person

Not only is your yard sign audience likely to be local, but you ll also benefit from repeated exposure. Research shows that it takes multiple interactions with a company before a customer is ready to make a purchasing decision and yard signs are a subtle but consistent reminder that your company is ready to serve.

Through the repeated exposure of yard signs, you ll raise brand awareness at a very low cost. As you might imagine, this is a strategy employed by political candidates particularly well!

Running for office? Customize this political yard sign template!

6. Hassle-Free Installation

Unlike many other sign types, yard signs are ideal for a DIY installation. You won t need fancy equipment to install them or a lot of space to transport them. 

Because they re so lightweight, affordable, and easy to transport, yard signs are the perfect way to stake out your place in the market, especially if you provide home-based services like these:

  • Lawn care
  • Landscaping
  • Roofing
  • Remodeling
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Tree removal
  • Construction

Consider offering a small incentive for happy customers to leave your yard sign out.

A lawn care yard sign like this one can help you gain new customers in the same neighborhood you already work.

7. Low Maintenance

Once you ve staked out your yard signs, you won t have to worry about them going anywhere! High-quality yard signs are made from durable materials like Coroplast (what we use), which allows them to weather the natural elements extremely well. This corrugated plastic works for both indoor and outdoor environments and won t bend or tear easily.

Another bonus benefit of this durability? If you design an evergreen yard sign one with information that doesn t change over time then you can reuse the same yard signs multiple times, getting even more return on your investment.

8. Seasonal Messaging

Along with traditional marketing messages, yard signs are the perfect way to share a non-sales-focused seasonal message for Thanksgiving, winter holidays, the new year, father s day you name it!

It s super easy; just create a friendly and creative holiday yard sign and distribute it among your service areas. By doing so, you ll give homeowners an easy way to decorate their front yards and share the holiday spirit, and you'll also benefit from increased brand awareness.

For example, this Veteran s Day yard sign pays respects to veterans with just a subtle mention of the business sponsor.

This Thanksgiving yard sign primarily focuses on the holiday but definitely makes it clear that the viewer is invited to the church.

Why Not Start with a Yard Sign Template?

If you re thinking about creating your own yard sign or would just like some inspiration, check out MyCreativeShop s library of yard sign templates! You can use our online editor to customize your yard sign and order quick-shipped prints right to your door.

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