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6 Proven Ideas to Target and Track Your Real Estate Door Hanger Campaigns

Learn how to create effective and targeted real estate door hangers.
Andrea Schlottman
Published May 10, 2021

Many real estate door hangers you ll see around your neighborhood probably look pretty similar: a professional headshot of the agent, some kind of headline, and some contact information. While getting the basics down is definitely a good start, it s difficult to stand out with something too generic.

What s an awesome real estate agent to do, then?

Well, it s not necessarily about making your door hangers stand out in general it s about making them stand out to the right audience. The more you can make your door hangers speak to each individual homeowner in your network, the better results you ll get.

There s tons of different ways to target your real estate door hangers, so check out the ideas below to get some great examples of this strategy in action.

1. Create different door hangers for different purposes.

Start customizing this Buying vs. Renting door hanger template!

Although it might be tempting to try to create a single door hanger and then distribute it far and wide, this usually isn t the best strategy! A one-size-fits-all door hanger is much more likely to end up in the trash bin.

We recommend taking the time to create different door hangers for different marketing purposes.

Instead of just advertising your business generally on a single design, make unique real estate door hangers with different goals and different calls to action.

The specific types of door hangers you need will depend on your target market and preferred services. But to give you an idea, a great starter pack of real estate door hangers might include these designs:

We know five designs?! It sure sounds like a lot!

If you create with MyCreativeShop, though, you can quickly (and affordably) create these designs in our online editor. Each one will take just a few minutes from design to print, and you'll have your entire selection of door hangers ready to go.

Check out our real estate door hanger templates here, or get inspired by 15 creative door hanger designs!

2. Target your door hanger distribution.

Image by Public Co from Pixabay

Once you ve created different real estate door hangers, our next-level tip is to target each design to the best area for that specific message.

Instead of canvassing an entire neighborhood with just one door hanger, you can choose the right door hanger for each spot even getting as specific as house by house or street by street!

To help you better target your door hangers, you can:

  • Use online tools that aggregate data about property value, household income, average age of homeowner, etc.
  • Check out public information databases, the U.S. Census Bureau, or free statistics on housing.
  • Purchase local real estate reports or hyperlocal white papers from large brokerage firms.
  • Do your own reconnaissance, scouting out neighborhoods for soft signs that your target market is there: What kind of cars are around? Are there families out and about? Are there parks, running trails, schools? Are there lots of for sale signs?
  • Work your network, asking for recommendations from other real estate agents who serve complimentary markets.

Don t be afraid to get it wrong at first. Even a little bit of targeting based on an educated guess (you are the expert, after all!) is better than distributing a totally generic door hanger all over town.

Want more tips? Check out our post on neighborhood marketing with door hangers.

3. Provide value with your real estate door hanger.

As you design your real estate door hanger, remember just how many ads people see every day. Instead of making yet another ad, use your door hanger to provide some kind of valuable information or actionable tip to the recipient.

Providing value is one of the secrets to the best door hangers!

For a real estate door hanger, added value might mean including:

  • An important statistic about recent home prices
  • A tear-off coupon or voucher
  • A graphic on local property prices over time
  • A trend forecast for their specific neighborhood
  • A summary of asking vs. buying prices
  • Information about local schools, salaries, etc.
  • A statistic about average list-to-sale timeline
  • An offer for a free homebuying or selling consultation like the template below!
Add your own high-value offer to this Buy vs. Rent door hanger!

No need to write an essay. A succinct, eye-catching stat or offer is enough to make people wonder, "Wow! Where can I learn more?"

And that leads directly to the next idea...

4. Connect your door hanger to an online campaign.

Print marketing is a fantastic way to grab people s attention, but it s still a rare person who will see a print ad and actually take immediate action. The recipient is much more likely to take a next step if it s something low pressure and easy like visiting your website.

On your real estate door hanger, consider providing a clear way for the recipient to learn more online. This could be a:

  • QR code
  • Link to your brokerage s app
  • Social media profile
  • YouTube channel
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Hashtags you frequently post with

At the very least, be sure to include the URL to your website!

Love this template? Customize this Just Sold! door hanger template here.

5. Track your door hangers.

One of the best reasons to try out idea #4? So you can actually track your door hanger campaigns!

By connecting your door hanger to something online, you ll overcome one of the most challenging aspects of print marketing: not knowing whether it s working or not.

To track individual door hanger campaigns, you might use:

  • Different URLs for each of the door hanger designs you made in tip #1
  • Different phone numbers to track different campaigns very easy to do through a VoIP service like Twilio
  • Different QR codes on different door hangers (leading to different landing pages)

Prefer to keep it low key? You can skip the automated solutions and simply ask whenever someone calls or fills out your online form. Again, a little tracking is better than none.

We've got way more tips on the 3Gs of tracking print marketing here!

6. Test out different designs.

Our final tip for making your real estate door hangers more effective is to experiment.

Love it? Use this Just Sold door hanger template.

By distributing different door hangers and tracking each one, you ll be able play around with different designs to find out what s working best. For example, you could try A/B testing these elements:

  • Aesthetic: A more upmarket neighborhood may respond better to toned-down visual design vs. something flashy or obvious.
  • Date: Depending on the neighborhood, an open house door hanger might get better attendance when you distribute it 2 weeks ahead of time, 1 week ahead of time, or just a couple of days in advance.
  • Time of Day: People may respond more favorably to door hangers distributed in the morning (grabbing them with the newspaper before work) or in the afternoon (after they've gotten home from a long day).
  • Header Copy: You might see better responses with a headline like Just Sold! or a headline like $400k Average Price of Homes Sold Near You!

The bottom line? You'll never know what works best until you test it. Sometimes your initial hunch will be correct...and other times, you just might be surprised.

That s the fun of print marketing!

At least, that s the fun of it when you haven t spent a fortune printing a door hanger that ends up being less effective than you expected.

With MyCreativeShop, even small print runs of door hangers are very affordable giving you the flexibility to try out lots of different designs, track their success, and tweak them until you ve found that golden spot for your specific homeowner market.


Get started now by checking out our real estate door hanger templates!

We've also made an entire post on how to make a door hanger if you want even more tips before you jump into a design.

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