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10 Print Templates to Promote St. Patrick's Day Deals

Discover 10 customizable print templates for promoting St. Patrick's Day deals and events.
Dustin Hodgson
Published Mar 12, 2019
On St. Patrick s Day or any holiday templates make your life easier. Instead of spending your time and energy coming up with fresh new ideas to promote your deals or events, you can pick a template, customize for your brand, and put it to use right away. That s why we re sharing our favorite print templates, perfect for restaurants, retailers, or any other small business running a St. Paddy s Day Special. What s even better: They're already themed for Saint Patrick s Day all you have to do is add your unique spin! Choose the one you love and don t miss our tips for customizing them.

Bottle Tags

Saint Patricks Day Bottle Tag Keep it simple this St. Patrick s day while encouraging customers to purchase surplus bottles or those on the higher-end of your pricing. Customize this Saint Patrick's Day bottle tag with your unique information to give a festive feel to your store without going overboard. Any bottle with a tag gets a specific discount, encouraging customers to purchase.


Saint Patricks Day Coaster We love this template because it s going to make your life as easy as it gets! It s already designed for St. Patrick s Day, just add your logo on the back and share them with your customers. If you have extras, these generic but festive coasters can be put away and used next year.

Door Hanger

Saint Patricks Day Door Hanger The simplicity of this door hanger allows you to focus on your St. Patrick s day offer, with minimal clutter. To get into the holiday spirit, go outside of your brand guide a little, choose a creative font combination like Cantora One and Archistico for your headline (Both fonts are available in our editor at MyCreativeShop). When your customers see your door hanger, they ll know exactly what to do for their holiday evening.


Saint Patricks Day Flyer If you need to get their attention and provide important details at the same time, this is the template for you. Use this space to make your flyer festive or feature the space where your event will be held. Whatever you do, make the most of it with an image that stands out as people walk by it.
Pro tip: Don t forget about DPI when designing this flyer. The idea is simple: use a high-quality image, so as you size it up or down, it stays clear, avoiding that pixelated look. Learn more in our blog post, A Complete Guide to Understanding DPI.


Saint Patricks Day Menu This is another St Patricks Day template that s ready to print after you add your featured menu items and logo. It s already designed for St. Patrick s Day, saving you the time and energy it will take to choose photos and decide on design elements. Remember that you can add your own touch by using your brand font.

Table Tents

Saint Patricks Day Table Tent All day specials call for custom, green table tents, and this St. Patricks Day template has already done half the work for you. Customize your table tent with all the details about your St. Patrick s Day deals, then add your logo and images and print. All that s left is the folding before March 17 rolls around. If you need to print fast, you can print your marketing materials with us saving you time and hassle.


Saint Patricks Day Postcard Highlight your event with this simple, but impactful postcard template. Just do it quick, so you can send them out in time to get people in the door. We love this template because you can use the front to feature images of the venue and a strong call to action without cluttering the space with details. Save those for the back!


Saint Patricks Day Poster Grab the attention of potential customers looking to celebrate with these festive posters in your windows or on your walls. This St. Paddy s Day poster will look sleek enough for any business, and allows you to show off an image of your traditional green beer if that s your thing!


Saint Patricks Day Wristband Don t leave any aspect of your event un-festive. Especially not the wristbands, which will linger around your customers houses for a few days later the perfect reminder of your business and the fun that was had. Don t forget to add your logo, or even your slogan, to make sure everyone knows it was you who threw the party to remember.

Yard Sign

Saint Patricks Day Yard Sign Yard signs can t be missed, whether your potential customer is walking, running or driving. This holiday-ready template just needs the details of your event along with your logo in just a few minutes, you ll be ready to print and get them in front of anyone who s looking to have a good time on St. Patrick s Day.

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