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How to Get Clients Year-Round with a Lawn Care Marketing Calendar

Create a strategic marketing calendar to boost your lawn care business year-round.
Andrea Schlottman
Published Dec 10, 2021

Seasoned homeowners know that properly caring for their lawn is a year-round activity which puts your lawn care business in the perfect position! By making well-timed offers and discounts throughout the year, you ll put your business in front of potential customers who are ready to buy.

Too busy to think about designing and advertising unique offers 12 months a year, every year? Then draft up a quick lawn care marketing calendar! Starting with the ideas below, you can create a calendar that accounts for seasonal variances and helps retain a steady, year-round client base for your lawn care business.

For more tips on using the year-round marketing ideas below, check out our lawn care marketing ideas and templates!


Months of the Year: March, April, May

Photo by Ernesto Vel zquez on Unsplash

As you know, spring is a busy time for lawn care. During these months, homeowners are much more likely to be actively looking for lawn and landscaping contractors. All you have to do is get your name out there at the right moment! The key to successful lawn care marketing in the spring is to advertise early and often.

Use any type of lawn care marketing piece you prefer door hangers, EDDM postcards, or flyers to advertise these perfectly timed seasonal offers:

  • Spring lawn care deals: Create a spring special package that includes all of the necessary springtime lawn care activities: cleaning up winter debris, repairing bare patches, taking care of weed prevention or control, mulching, etc.
  • Selling your home? offers: Around 80% of all household moves in the United States occur from April to September which makes spring the key season for open houses and home sales. Consider offering special landscaping and lawn care deals focused on sellers who want to increase curb appeal and property value. 
  • It s not too late! specials: Some homeowners won t even think about lawn care until spring has arrived and they realize how much needs to be done. You can attract the attention of these homeowners and allay some fears by offering a don t worry it s not too late! discount.
  • Social sharing incentives: Spring is the perfect time to get referrals from happy customers because everyone needs lawn care. Offer a certain percentage off, a cash-back rebate, or a discount on future products if a customer shares your business on social media.
Create a landscaping door hanger to welcome spring and attract new customers!


Months: June, July, August

Photo by Jorien Loman on Unsplash

Summer is another high season for lawn care professionals! Here are a few ideas to round out your summer lawn care marketing calendar:

  • New homeowner offers: Since the vast majority of families move in the summer months, this is a great time to advertise special lawn care deals for new homeowners. You could even check public records for recent home sales to directly target those properties!
  • Backyard landscaping deals: Everyone loves a summer pool party or backyard BBQ. Create a lawn care flyer or door hanger advertising a deal on some kind of backyard lawn service whether it s pre-party landscaping or post-party clean-up.
  • Same-day services: For homeowners who didn t plan for their event in advance, consider advertising a special rate for same-day services (if your business has the capacity for last-minute work). You can earn a loyal customer by being there to save the day!
  • Vacation lawn care: Many families go away for extended periods of time in the summer, leaving their lawns uncared for and giving you an easy segment of customers to target. Send out lawn care postcards with a discount on your vacation care plans.
  • Yard sign campaigns: With so many people traveling and spending time outdoors, summer is the ideal time for a strategic yard sign campaign. In addition to leaving your lawn care yard signs at job sites, consider blanketing neighborhoods before big events like BBQs, Fourth of July parties, or festivals.
Simple, easy-to-read yard signs are a great lawn care marketing tool for summer!


Months: September, October, November

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Although lawn care demand starts slowing down in the fall for many parts of the country, there are still plenty of opportunities for high-value advertising. Consider adding these to your marketing calendar:

  • Back-to-school offers: With kids heading off to school, parents may find themselves with a little more time for taking care of errands and maintaining the house. Reach out to family-friendly neighborhoods to offer a special school discount.
  • Leaf removal packages: Offer a full-season package of raking and leaf removal to help keep your clients yards healthy.
  • Football offers: If you live in a football-fanatic area, you can tap into the existing excitement by offering deals around your city s team! For example, offer a certain percentage off for every game won or host a contest for free lawn care services to anyone who correctly guesses a big game s final score.
  • Winterization deals: Depending on your climate, there may be a lot of work to do to prepare lawns for winter. Why not design a lawn care brochure that explains key tasks and includes a coupon for your services? 
  • Snow bird yard management offers: If you live in an area with many retirees who leave for the winter, consider offering a winter lawn care package! Focus on wealthier neighborhoods that are more likely to cater to multi-homeowners, sending out direct mail campaigns offering full lawn care management for the winter months.
Design a landscaping brochure like this one to educate homeowners on getting ready for winter.


Months: December, January, February

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Winter is certainly a slow season for most types of lawn care services, but you can still use these months to reach out to customers! Some great winter lawn care marketing ideas include:

  • Early bird scheduling offers: Use the winter months to fill up your spring calendar by offering special discounts for scheduling early. You could grab attention with a large percentage off as early as December and then taper the discounts as spring approaches. (To lock in the revenue, it s a good idea to make upfront payment part of the deal.)
  • New year packages: At a time when people are making new year s resolutions and planning for the upcoming year, consider offering an annual package. Make it easy for homeowners to resolve to care for their yard better by providing steep discounts on a full year's package.
  • Holiday gift card incentives: Everyone s looking for an easy gift idea as the winter holidays approach, so why not provide special incentives for gift cards? For example, offer a $50 gift certificate at a $40 purchase price or a buy-one-get-one offer for two lawn care gift certificates.
  • Get ready for spring informational brochures: Especially for newer homeowners, the prospect of caring for a lawn can be daunting. Help potential customers understand the best ways to care for their lawn in spring by providing an educational brochure with limited-time coupons.
  • Snow removal: If you have the equipment and manpower, snow removal services can be a big money maker during the low season. Design door hangers and distribute them in key neighborhoods before projected storms putting your business's contact information in homeowners hands as soon as they open the door and see the snow!
  • Online clean-up: Winter is a great time to evaluate your company's online presence before the busy season. Check your website, Google My Business listing, social media platforms, and any other sites (Angi, HomeAdvisor, etc.) to make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date.
Here s an easy holiday gift for your customers! Customize this lawn care gift certificate.

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