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10 Halloween Flyer Templates for Small Businesses

Discover creative and customizable templates to create a spooktacular Halloween marketing campaign.
Cassie Viele
Published Sep 26, 2019

Our Halloween flyer templates are perfect for all small businesses. Whether you re hosting an event or running a promotion, all you have to do is choose the most (or least!) spooky template and customize for your needs. Add a logo, change the text, play with font, and get your flyers out there a few weeks ahead of time. 

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1. Use Festive Fonts

Halloween House Party Flyer Template
Halloween House Party Flyer - Customize It

Halloween is the perfect time to break away from your visual brand strategy and have fun with fonts that scream scary and spooky. Many of our Halloween flyer templates use the font for Party, which is called Creepster. Play with it in your designs this season.

2. Keep it Simple

Halloween Haunted House Flyer Template
Halloween Haunted House Flyer - Customize It

With the right font and imagery, you don t need a lot of text to tell the reader what you re promoting. What s more, with the image blended into the bottom block of color, the flow of the flyer is easy on the eyes. 

3. Play With Size

Halloween Pumpkin Patch Flyer Template
Halloween Pumpkin Patch Flyer - Customize It

Your flyer doesn t need to be the traditional 8.5 x 11 size. Instead, use a smaller format (like the 4 x 9 version above) to make your flyer more suitable for placing in mailboxes. With this size, you can still include plenty of text and imagery, allowing you to maintain the same impact with less space. 

4. Use Subtle Halloween Touches 

Halloween Costume Party Flyer Template
Halloween Costume Party Flyer - Customize It

Your flyer doesn t need to be bright orange to get someone s attention. Play with different colors to see what has greater impact on the overall design.The dark blues and purples used in this Halloween flyer template are the perfect accent to the festive haunted house and jack-o-lantern imagery that s used.

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5. Have Fun With Your Messaging

Halloween Gourd Flyer Template
Halloween Gourd Flyer - Customize It

Don t get stuck on childish or spooky themes and forget that the Halloween season is for both kids and adults. Attract your older customers with humorous messaging, like the one used with this template. Just make sure it s relevant to your business or event. 

6. Highlight Black With Brighter Colors

Awesome Halloween Carnival Flyer Template
Awesome Halloween Carnival Flyer - Customize It

The purple used in this flyer is the perfect compliment to the black. Both colors make the white text stand out on the page, allowing it to be more eye-catching. Play with the headline font, Flavors, in your designs as an alternative to Creepster.

7. Make it Kid-Friendly

Halloween Boo Bash Flyer Template
Halloween Boo Bash Flyer - Customize It

Parents don t want their kids awake for the next month with nightmares from a scary event. Make sure they know your event is kid-friendly by changing the colors and imagery to something festive but less scary. Notice the purple background pattern looks like triangular candy corn, keeping everything in this Halloween flyer template relevant and fun.

8. Use Your Space for Messaging

Halloween Spooktacular Flyer Template
Halloween Spooktacular Flyer - Customize It

With the right colors, you don t need a lot of Halloween-related imagery. This template is perfect if you need to share more content usually for a flyer that s handed out, rather than hung up. Don t forget to check out the two fonts that are paired for the header: Rye and Vast a perfect Halloween combo.

9. Reach Your Target Audience With a Strong Photo

Halloween Costume Flyer Template
Halloween Costumes Flyer - Customize It

This is one of the most kid-friendly Halloween flyer templates we offer, making it perfect for family and school events. The main image will attract parents with kids, while the back provides plenty of space for information about the event or promotion.

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10. Balance Spooky and Fun

Fun Halloween Costume Party Flyer Template
Fun Halloween Costume Party Flyer - Customize It

This Halloween flyer template does the perfect job of balancing spooky, with the image on the front, and fun, with the use of the font Shadows Into Light. If you re hoping to attract a mixed crowd for your event or promotion, this balance is key to your success.

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Our diverse Halloween flyer templates provide plenty of room for customizing the one you like most for your needs. Don t forget to play with festive fonts and imagery this is a season known for spooky surprises and fun.

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