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10 Websites to Find Free Flyer Backgrounds

Discover the top sources for free flyer background images.
Dustin Hodgson
Published Oct 25, 2019

[Updated 2/27/2020]

When designing offline marketing assets like flyers, free backgrounds are an easy way to add flare without putting a dent in your budget. The right background adds an interesting dynamic to the design and can be the difference between catching your reader s attention and losing it to their cell phone or another ad.

Use these ten websites to find the best free flyer backgrounds for your designs.

1. Unsplash 

Christmas background - stars & fairy lights by Annie Spratt
Christmas Background - Stars & Fairy Lights by Annie Spratt
Source: Unsplash

Unsplash is a free stock image website with a wide variety of modern images that cater to the millennial aesthetic. Simply search for what you need and browse the options. If you find a style you love, save the photographer s page so you can choose images with a similar look for every marketing asset you create.

No Attribution Required

2. Freepik

Technology Halftone Modern Background  Source: Freepik
Technology Halftone Modern Background
Source: Freepik
Background vector created by vector_corp -

Freepik has a variety of traditional background options that include images with subtle patterns and border designs. They have nearly 50,000 graphics that you can download as image files for free without an account. The site does ask that users include a specific attribution to the artist when using their work, so you would need to do that somewhere on your flyer when using the image. Some images may also include a small, watermarked logo. 

 Attribution Required

3. Pexels 

Photography of gift and baubles by Source: Pexels
Flatlay Photography of Gift and Baubles by
Source: Pexels

Another free stock image site, Pexels also has graphics and illustrations that are perfect for the flyer that just needs a little extra. Images are high-resolution and free to download, and you aren t required to create an account, making it quick and easy to access the images you need.

No Attribution Required

4. Lost and Taken 

Colorful watercolor paint texture by Daniel Davidson Source: Lost and Taken
Colorful Watercolor Paint Texture by Daniel Davidson
Source: Lost and Taken

If it s a textured background look you re after, head over to Lost and Taken. This site offers different types of textured images, grouped by categories like bark, nature, watercolor, or vintage paper, perfect for those who are looking for free flyer backgrounds that are both high quality and unique.

Note that you have to go through a check-out process, even though the image is free, where you re required to share your email and name. Don t be scared off by the add to cart prompt you don t have to add credit card information. 

No Attribution Required

5. Vecteezy

Gold Abstract Background Flyer Source: Vecteezy
Gold Abstract Background Flyer
Vectors by Vecteezy

Vecteezy is a database of vector designs and templates that are free for download and use. When you download an image, you automatically get both the illustrator and vector version, as well as a jpeg file. When customizing templates with MyCreativeShop, you ll only need the jpeg file. Attribution is required for all images used.

Attribution Required

6. PNGtree

Creative Lines Background Material Vector Background Photos from
Creative Lines Background Material Vector
Background Photos from

PNGTree is a large database with millions of designs, graphics, and images available for download. You can search by backgrounds to find the right option for your flyer design. You do have to register before you can download an image, and you re limited to two downloads per day, so make sure to choose wisely before you download. Attribution is required for all images used.

Attribution Required

7. Photo Creator from Icons8

Bookshelves Packed with Books by Anna Titova Source: Icons8
Bookshelves Packed with Books by Anna Titova
Source: Icons8

This service from Icons8 is unique because you can combine stock imagery on their site to make and download one unified design. Choose just one single image or use their tools to overlay a second image on the first and download the two as one cohesive image. You can then upload your final graphic easily to one of MyCreativeShop's customizable templates.

No Attribution Required

8. Burst

Waves Crashing on Beach by Dan Gold Photo by Dan Gold from Burst
Waves Crashing on Beach
Photo by Dan Gold from Burst

This website is a Shopify service that boasts stunning stock images perfect for blogs and websites. You can choose to download an image with either low or high-resolution. Both options work equally well as the background for a flyer.   

No Attribution Required

9. Pixabay 

Autumn Pattern Pumpkins by AnnaliseArt Source: Pixabay
Autumn Pattern Pumpkins by AnnaliseArt
Source: Pixabay

Pixabay offers over one million royalty-free images. The site has a mix of photographs as well as graphics and illustrations, all of which can be used for your flyer background. You do have to create a free account and log-in to download the highest resolution version of an image. However, you can still download images of up to 1920x1920 resolution without signing in. 

No Attribution Required

10. LandingStock 

Landingstock Hero Image Source: Landingstock
Landingstock Hero Image
Source: Landingstock

LandingStock is a site for free landing page images, which means every photo provides space for copy and crops well, which means they re perfect for a flyer. Note that LandingStock is an aggregator (think of them as a sort of Travelocity or Kayak for landing page images), so you ll see images that you might find on other sites, but if you re looking for a photo with plenty of space for text, this could be a good place to start your search. Attribution requirements are dependent on the source of your chosen image.

Attribution depends on download

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due - a Word about Attribution

When utilizing these free images, it's important to remember that they are the result of someone else's hard work. These artists have shared their work at no cost, and many would appreciate getting credit for their efforts. As you select photos and illustrations to use in your own work, be conscious of the requirements of use for each site. Some will simply say that a linkback is appreciated, while others will request that you copy and paste their own unique attribution link near the image you use. When in doubt, give credit where credit is due!

Download Free Flyer Backgrounds

If you want quick and easy access to millions of free flyer backgrounds, these sites are a great place to start. Find and download the image that works for you, then add it to your next MyCreativeShop project to create an unforgettable flyer. 


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