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8 Design Tips and Templates for Your Christmas Flyers

Get expert tips and templates to create captivating Christmas flyers that drive shoppers to your business.
Jason Frueh
Published Oct 8, 2019

Well-designed Christmas flyers cannot be overlooked this holiday season if you want to drive shoppers to your business. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans parted with a most-ever $701 billion during the winter holiday season in 2018. What s more, consumers have latched onto the Shop Small movement and Small Business Saturday since they were launched by American Express in 2010. In 2018, 104 million shoppers spent a record high of $17.8 billion on Small Business Saturday. 

NRF Historical Holiday Sales Data Bar Chart
Source: National Retail Federation 2019 Holiday Forecast

If you re ready to take your piece of the pumpkin pie this holiday season, draw in your local market with Christmas flyers that promote deals, discounts, and sales that your small business has to offer. Use these simple tips to make sure your flyers drive shoppers to act and spend.

1. Start Seeing Red...and Green!

St. Nick's Christmas Bazaar Holiday Flyer
St. Nick's Christmas Bazaar Holiday Flyer - Customize it

Most of the time, it s wise to stick to using only your brand colors in your flyer design. However, when the most wonderful time of the year rolls around, exceptions can and should be made. Incorporating the reds and greens of Christmas allows the reader to connect your flyer (and your business!) with their holiday traditions, events, and memories.  The flyer above is a great example of using Christmas colors to make a connection.

[Bonus: As color psychologists and police officers know all too well, the color red attracts the most attention, magnifying your flyer's impact!]

2. Touch Their Hearts with Seasonal Photos

Christmas Salon Flyer
Christmas Salon Flyer - Customize it

For many of us in the northern hemisphere, dreams of a white Christmas are a given. Tap into those deep-seated desires by using frosty images or photos to connect the coldest of the four seasons to the holiday sale or event you're hosting. The above salon flyer utilizes both a snowy image and a seasonally appropriate headline to capture the hearts and minds of those out walking [by] in a winter wonderland.

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3. Set the Hook with Your Headline

Christmas Bake Sale Flyer
Christmas Bake Sale Flyer - Customize it

Your image and colors will help draw attention to your flyer, but your headline also needs to stand out so people can easily read and remember your message as they walk or drive by. This Christmas bake sale flyer template combines delicious seasonal imagery with an easy-to-read headline. The use of contrasting fonts also highlights the main idea of the flyer - SALE! Finding ways to get your message across in a unique and whimsical way will set your flyer apart while still sharing the Christmas spirit.

4. Use Your Copy to Spread Christmas Cheer

Jingle & Mingle Christmas Party Flyer
Jingle & Mingle Christmas Party Flyer - Customize It

Your flyer may not be able to literally "sing out loud for all to hear," but it can still spread Christmas cheer. The best Christmas flyers use messaging that ties in with the season. This template utilizes a catchy phrase that immediately drums up visions of dancing sugarplums and snug little beds (or at least a jingling beat). Including the sounds of the season in your flyer's content allows you to say more with less.

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5. Highlight What's Important

Christmas Cookie Party Flyer
Christmas Cookie Party Flyer - Customize it

Make sure Santa (and your customers or guests) get the key details out of your flyer without having to work too hard - you don't want anyone to blame you when Kris Kringle gets lost on the way to the party! As with all marketing materials, ensure that the important stuff is easy to see.

Notice how the front of this Christmas cookie party flyer includes both details about how to RSVP and the bake shop's website. Since this flyer is designed to be mailed or hand-distributed, including the physical address on the back works and ensures that all the details will be easy to find. However, if your flyer is going to find a one-sided home (bulletin board) you'll obviously want to move those essential items to the front (or give all of your readers x-ray vision).

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6. Keep it Simple...and Seasonal

Black Friday Holiday Marketing Flyer - Customize it

Sometimes, the holiday imagery isn t necessary. In this case, the flyer ties into the event, literally, while also standing out. The stark black is sure to catch people s attention, and the clear headline clues everyone in on the message. 

This is a good example of using white space appropriately because white space doesn t need to be white. Instead of cluttering your creation with images and icons, consider using a minimalist design for this year's Christmas flyer.

7. It's Better to Your Customers!

Christmas Sale Holiday Marketing Flyer
Christmas Sale Holiday Marketing Flyer - Customize it

Your retail customers will likely be in your business to buy presents for someone else, but that doesn t mean you can t give them a gift as well in the form of a discount. This template works to highlight a big sale leading up to the holiday, which is one way to set your small business apart from others when everyone is looking for the best deals.

As a bonus, this flyer also provides a clear website for shoppers who aren't able to visit your physical location (or just don't want to leave home), which might represent an increasing segment of your audience. In fact, the NRF points out that Thanksgiving weekend multichannel shopping was up 40 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year. 

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8. Play Up Your Loyalty Program

Christmas Holiday Cookie Flyer - Customize it

Christmas is a great time to recruit new customers to your loyalty program and reward the members who are already taking part. This template hits all the important details of the shop's coffee and cookies rewards program, providing important information about loyalty benefits, a gift for signing up, and clear instructions on how to enroll along with using relevant (and tasty!) imagery.

Tis the Season for Christmas Flyers

The same best practices you use to create social media campaigns or in-store signage should be used for your Christmas flyers. Use these flyer design tips to stand out during the busy holiday months and drive shoppers to your small business all season long. 


Ready to rock around the Christmas design tree? Take a look at our Christmas flyer templates as you prepare to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!

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