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7 Ideas to Promote Your Church's Easter Sunday Service

Creative ideas to promote your church's Easter Sunday service
Cassie Viele
Published Mar 24, 2022

The long, cold winter is finally on its way out and Easter is coming soon, but it may seem like the beauty and chaos of the Christmas season at your church has only just settled down - you may even still have a tree up! You re weary and worn, making it the perfect time to prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and invite others to worship with you. Before you can do that, you have to find creative ways to extend those invitations. Why not get the whole church family involved?

As with all church marketing endeavors, the goal of promoting your Easter service to friends and neighbors is to connect with them in a meaningful way. Your events and marketing materials should seek to be honest, hopeful, and authentic. To achieve this, take these 3 ideas to heart as you plan and prepare:

->Consistent messaging

->Clear invitation

->Care for the community

The messaging you use should be consistent across all of your marketing materials. It should also line up with the words you use when sharing person-to-person. The invitation to join your congregation in worship should be clear and to the point. Finally, your promotional campaign should also show your love for your community and neighbors.

If you want the single mom down the street to come hear about the Jesus who loves her so much He died on a cross for her, then you should also be actively seeking to show that same love to her and the others in your neighborhood. That can come in the form of service projects to lighten the load, offering free babysitting or a free car wash, or just living out your faith in such a way that you are able to become aware of a specific need and fill it, no strings attached. Authentic faith means living on the outside what you believe on the inside, and when you are who you say you are, people respond.

1. Design your own posters and flyers

One of the most basic ways to let your community know about your Easter Sunday services is to put together an assortment of creative posters or flyers that grab the attention of passersby. The designs should reflect your Easter theme and provide all the essential details (times, locations) of your Easter events in a clear and concise way. 

Poster Design via MyCreativeShop | Flyer Design via MyCreativeShop

Get your congregation involved by sending them out to hang posters and flyers in high-traffic areas around their homes. Make sure they have permission before anything goes up - you don t want to earn a reputation for not following the rules!

Not sure how to make it happen? We ve got a heavenly host of customizable Easter poster and flyer templates that you can make your own in no time at all.

2. Go BIG with a simple banner

Banner Design via MyCreativeShop

Another idea that requires minimal input but can make a big impact is to hang a custom banner that shares your Easter Sunday service times with the community. Display your banner on the wall of your building that gets the most views from passersby. Keep your design simple so that your service times remain the focus. Streamline the design process by starting with one of our Easter banner templates.

3. Serve your community

Inviting people to attend an Easter Sunday service has to be about more than just that one event. Ultimately, we need to build relationships with our neighbors and fellow residents if we actually intend to impact them for Jesus. Take the first step by organizing a series of community service events to improve the lives of those around you - and invite your neighbors to join in! 

You can hold a free auto repair clinic if you have mechanically-inclined individuals in your congregation, sign up to be a host site for a Ruby s Pantry pop-up, or just put together a random acts of kindness flash mob. However you feel led to serve, focus on building relationships with those you are serving AND those you serve with. You ll then naturally be able to extend an invitation to attend your Easter service.

4. Spread the word with custom yard signs

Yard Sign Design via MyCreativeShop

You may be under the impression that creative yard signs are only for selling shaving cream (see Burma-Shave), but the truth is that they can make an impact in so many ways. Create your own custom yard sign design featuring your Easter Sunday service times and ask the members of your congregation to display them in their lawns and along the sidewalks. In addition to catching the eye of those who pass by, yard signs can serve as a conversation starter with neighbors as they work in their gardens or take an evening stroll.

No graphic design skill set? No problem! MyCreativeShop has a variety of easy to customize Easter yard sign templates to simplify the whole process.

5. Host a Free Car Wash

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Organize your church s young people to offer a completely free car wash to the members of your community. Set it up in your church parking lot or the neighborhood grocery store and send the kids out to promote it along the sidewalks. Keep the whole experience low pressure and tell people you just want to bless them because of how Jesus has blessed you. When you ve finished the wash, slip a custom business card or postcard onto the dash inviting them to join your Easter Sunday service. 

Our church business card templates can easily be turned into pocket-sized invites and the Easter postcard templates are a breeze to customize.

6. Provide your congregation with their own invitations

In the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, design and print your own postcards that contain all of the details of your Holy Week activities, including service times. Hand them out to the entire congregation and encourage them to share their invitation with someone that God s put on their heart. 

Postcard design via MyCreativeShop

Using postcards as your invites also allows for them to be mailed if needed. Make sure to include details about your livestream options so that those who can t leave their home can still get connected. You can even speed up the design process by starting from one of our Easter postcard templates.

7. Step up your New Attendee info during the Easter season

While you place an extra emphasis on bringing people in the doors during the Lenten and Easter season, make sure you don t neglect the follow-through. Whether you use a printed or digital bulletin, use it to focus on sharing ways that new attendees can get connected. Highlight key details like Bible study opportunities, church info sessions, and other low-pressure fellowship events. Service projects and youth group activities are also fantastic ways to connect. Include a method for new people to share their contact details with the church office, such as a QR code, bulletin tear-off, or contact card. 

Need a new bulletin design? We ve got plenty of customizable church bulletin templates for you to choose from!

Show that you care!

The reality of church marketing is that those you re seeking to reach can tell whether you actually live what you say you believe. If you want to be successful in promoting your Easter services, you need to find authentic ways to live your faith among your neighbors and community.

MyCreativeShop has a variety of church marketing templates available that can be customized to reflect your church s authentic personality and faith. Investing time in building relationships and cultivating consistency will enable your church to live its mission, in the Easter season and beyond!

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