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5 Print Marketing Templates EVERY Nonprofit Needs

Unlock the power of print marketing with these essential nonprofit templates.
Cassie Viele
Published Apr 7, 2022

The goal of operating a nonprofit is often to minimize overhead expenses so that the maximum impact can be made for the benefit of those the organization serves. Because of this, most nonprofits don t have a massive budget (or staff!) for marketing. However, getting the word out about the mission, activities, and needs of the group is still absolutely vital to its success. How do we bridge the gap?

The answer is templates. Investing a small amount of time to customize your own marketing templates can save you a world of time and money in the future. Imagine NOT having to reinvent the print marketing wheel every time you launch a new fundraising campaign, host a big event, or need to recruit volunteers. The mental capacity overload avoided and actual time saved are truly priceless.

Fortunately, MyCreativeShop offers a wide variety of nonprofit marketing templates that can be customized to fit any need. In addition, your designs can easily be saved and/or shared with anyone, enabling you to delegate with the confidence that your brand identity has already been emblazoned on each postcard, brochure, and flyer. Each time you need to update that document, you can make and save your updates so that they carry through for all future printings. We also make it easy for you to print your designs yourself or place a print order with us to give yourself fewer moving parts to the day!

Wondering where to begin? We ve identified 5 print marketing templates that every nonprofit needs in their arsenal. Read on!

01. Direct Mail Fundraising Drive Postcard

One of the most essential print marketing tools to have in your toolbox is the incredibly versatile direct mail fundraising drive postcard. The beauty of having a handful of go-to postcard templates on hand is that you can tailor them to specific audiences.

Charity Fundraiser Postcard Template

Design via MyCreativeShop

First, customize an on-brand nonprofit postcard template that you can send to your existing mailing list of donors and supporters to encourage them to give again this time around. Ensure that your design fits in with your nonprofit branding strategy and includes a compelling call to action that motivates them to donate. Streamline the entire process by utilizing our all-in-one direct mail service to print and send your postcards just like that. Simply upload your mailing list and let us do the rest!

Nonprofit Fundraiser EDDM Postcard Template

Design via MyCreativeShop

Second, in order to reach those in your community who either haven t given before or don t know who you are, create your own EDDM postcard that can make that connection for you. Choose from our nonprofit EDDM postcard templates and customize an on-brand design that speaks for you. Grab the reader s attention with a bold headline, then utilize images and the rest of the space to share the details of your fundraising drive. QR codes can enable quick and easy donations and increase your response rate.

If you re new to the world of EDDM, check out our EDDM mailing solution. Then, follow the steps to schedule your mailing and have us print and send your postcards with just a few clicks.

02. Party Ticket Template

Whether it was the first time you saw your favorite band in person or your first movie date with your spouse, you probably held on to the ticket stub. Little things that would otherwise be discarded can become incredibly significant when paired with a good memory. So, when your annual fundraising gala or silent auction rolls around this year, wouldn t it be fantastic to have a keepsake-worthy ticket design already prepared?

Care Fundraiser Ticket Template

Design via MyCreativeShop

Invest a small amount of time now to turn one of our nonprofit ticket templates into a piece of someone else s history! You can choose to go bold with colors and fonts or utilize a more minimalist design, depending on your branding strategy. Simply create something YOU would like to hold on to and you ll be set!

03. Go-To Volunteer Flyer Template

One more essential piece of print marketing magic is your go-to volunteer flyer template. This is the flyer you pull out when you need to mobilize your supporters to get something done. It s the flyer that communicates to your team that their help is appreciated and needed and makes a difference.

Volunteer Flyer Template

Design via MyCreativeShop

Create your own by customizing one of our nonprofit flyer templates. Catch the attention of the reader and motivate them to respond by making your call to action stand out. Bold colors and compelling images can help spur them to respond, but only if you clearly lay out a way for them to do so. A well-placed QR code linked to a contact form on your nonprofit website can make saying yes a snap without all the drama of a URL that goes on and on. Using a bitly link to reach that same landing page is also an effective way to declutter your flyer and still get a response.

Find out more about printing your flyers with MyCreativeShop here.

04. Fancy Event Invitation

When planning a big, fancy event to celebrate your nonprofit (and raise a little cash!), it s absolutely essential that you send out personalized invitations to your supporters and donors. Face to face is fantastic, but even an in-person invite should include something tangible that also demonstrates your appreciation for their commitment to your cause. Enter the custom event invitation!

Care Holiday Gala Invitation Template

Design via MyCreativeShop

MyCreativeShop has a variety of customizable invitation card templates that will make your job so much easier. Personalize the background, add your logo and event details, and get em printed. You can even handwrite a little note for that personal touch!

Find out more about printing your invitations with MyCreativeShop here.

05. Donor Thank You Cards

The long-run success of your nonprofit hangs on your ability to express gratitude to your donors and supporters. This can (and should) be done in many ways, from verbal thanks to small gifts of appreciation and more. One of the simplest and most effective avenues, though, is to create your own custom thank you cards.

Purple Thank You Card Template

Design via MyCreativeShop

Browse our collection of thank you card templates to find the one that fits your organization s personality. Use the tools in our online editor to line your design up with your branding strategy. Then print up a stack and send one out to every donor along with a handwritten note to ensure a personal touch. 

Find out more about printing your thank you cards with MyCreativeShop here.

Wrapping it up

In the end, the responsibility for building and maintaining a relationship with your nonprofit's donor base falls on your shoulders. Being able to respond to opportunities and situations quickly is essential. Planning ahead by having a few specific print marketing designs at the ready can make a big difference in your response time. MyCreativeShop's extensive library of nonprofit templates can help!

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