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5 Hot Summer Nonprofit Marketing Ideas - with Templates!

Brighten up your nonprofit's summer marketing materials with these 5 hot ideas and templates!
Cassie Viele
Published Apr 14, 2022

For many nonprofits, summertime means regrouping after a long, cold winter. Other nonprofits, like summer camps, are in their peak season, just trying to keep their heads above water. Either way, the summer months are a perfect time to infuse some new life into your nonprofit's marketing materials.

There are two scenarios that can play out in this summer "refresh:" first, you may simply take your existing marketing materials (banners, posters, flyers, etc.) and swap in a few bright, summery colors to transform them into something new for the season. If you created your original marketing materials from our nonprofit templates, you can make those updates with just a few clicks. Simply replace your existing color scheme with a lighter, brighter theme, and you'll be all set!

In the second summer refresh scenario, you customize an existing template with your organization's specific content and images. This gives you complete creative control over your new look while also giving you the freedom to create as many versions as you like. MyCreativeShop has a full catalog of customizable nonprofit templates of all types. We also offer top-notch printing services, delivering your prints right to your door. Not quite ready to let go of all control? We make it easy for you to download a commercial-grade PDF you can send to the printer of your choice!

Wondering where to start? Take a stroll through our top 5 summer nonprofit marketing upgrades!

1. Recruit Volunteers with a Colorful, Custom Banner

Let's face it - without volunteers, most nonprofits would be sunk. That's why it is absolutely essential that you work hard to recruit AND keep them. For many, summer is the ideal time to connect with prospective volunteers, so don't miss your chance!

Community Volunteering Banner Template

Design via MyCreativeShop

This nonprofit banner template features bright colors and a clear message. Including your nonprofit's website and social media connections makes it even more accessible. Ensure that the web address leads people to your best response method, so that you don't lose any volunteers to the perils of cyberspace. The smiling faces give the accurate impression that volunteering can be fun - who knew? Hang this banner wherever potential volunteers and supporters frequent for peak success!

Learn more about printing your banners with MyCreativeShop here.

2. Feature a Single, Relatable Image to Connect with Your Audience

Sometimes all it takes is just one photo to transport your readers to a favorite memory. A well-chosen image can evoke all the feels, reminding your audience of the joys of summers past. Making an emotional connection can add value to any marketing project you create.

Explore Charity Poster Template

Design via MyCreativeShop

In this nonprofit poster template, the juxtaposition of the word "explore" in front of the image of an intrepid young boy holding binoculars sparks the adventuresome spirit inside all of us. It inspires the reader to dream of (or remember!) summers spent exploring and satiating their curiosity. This image works because it's connected to the mission of the organization (which is also laid out on the poster). You may need to make a different visual selection for your nonprofit. The key for any nonprofit marketing tactic is always to use imagery that makes sense and connects with the viewer.

Learn more about printing your posters with MyCreativeShop here.

3. Bright Colors and Summer Fun Bring Impact to a Direct Mail Postcard Fundraising Campaign

Perhaps you're one of those lucky organizations whose fiscal year starts July 1, so you spend all of May/June working hard to scrounge up every last dollar and donation. Why not multiply your efforts by taking advantage of what direct mail postcards can do for you?

Charity EDDM Postcard Template x1l7nb0f8z

Design via MyCreativeShop

The bright colors and images of summer fun on the above nonprofit EDDM postcard template make it clear that this is a summer campaign. With plenty of space for you to share your need and CTA, this postcard is a fantastic vehicle for your year-end fundraising push. These EDDM postcards can be sent out by postal route to a new audience you target based on specific demographics. If you'd rather send only to those on your existing mailing list, all of our EDDM postcard templates can be resized to a standard postcard layout. In addition, MyCreativeShop's all-in-one direct mail service can take your postcards from designed to sent in just a few clicks, making the trusty postcard one of the most versatile and efficient methods of summer communication!

Learn more about MyCreativeShop's all-in-one direct mail service here.

4. Smiling Faces of Program Participants are the Best Advertising

There's nothing quite as compelling as seeing the joy on the faces of those you serve. Why not use those same faces to attract the next round of participants? Happiness is the best free advertising around!

Design via MyCreativeShop

This nonprofit flyer template checks all the boxes: bright colors, clear messaging, and vibrant imagery. The smiling faces in the featured photos are a testament to the fun the reader (or his/her children) can expect to have if they choose to participate. Responding to the call to action in this flyer is also simple, with both a phone number AND a weblink listed. Incorporate some or all of these elements into your summer marketing designs for maximum impact!

Learn more about printing your flyers with MyCreativeShop here.

5. Take it to the Streets

One amazing feature of summer advertising is being able to take advantage of the (usually) beautiful weather. That weather means that thoughtfully designed yard signs can be especially effective. Couples and families out for an evening stroll, nannies and kiddos heading to the park, and even dog owners out for a walk with their pup will see your messaging over and over again. Don't miss your opportunity to make an impact!

Design via MyCreativeShop

This nonprofit yard sign template is simple and to the point, as all yard signs should be. You don't want drivers to get into an accident trying to read the fine print! The bright orange and black color scheme both fits the brand and catches the eye of passersby. The message is clear - have a meal at the restaurant and support your local nonprofit, all at once!

Learn more about printing your yard signs with MyCreativeShop here.


In the end, summer nonprofit marketing is always about infusing some of that summer fun into your library of marketing materials. MyCreativeShop's nonprofit marketing templates make that process easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

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