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5 Design Tips for a Festive New Year s Eve Invitation

Design tips for creating festive New Year's Eve invitations
Cassie Viele
Published Dec 21, 2020

Ringing in the New Year will look nothing like it did last year. While we can t wait to be done with 2020, our excitement for 2021 is still tempered by the need to keep our distance as we hope for an end to the COVID pandemic.

So what does this mean for your annual New Year s Eve celebration? You may find that you need to shorten your guest list, require masks, and/or go virtual. While a Zoom ball drop watch party may seem like a bit of a buzzkill, just being able to see the faces of your friends and family could be enough to bring a little joy to the start of 2021!

A New Year s invitation is the first point of contact that your guests will have, so it will set the overall mood of the event. Regardless of whether you start with a pre-made New Year s Eve invitation template or you want to build one from scratch, your New Year invitation will set the bar high for 2021!

Here are five essential non-pandemic New Year s invitation design tips for every year, along with a few modifications for safely celebrating the end of THIS crazy year.

1. Get Your Guests Excited

New Year's Eve Champagne

Image by 5598375 from Pixabay

Whether you re waiting for the ball to drop with a group of close friends or planning an extravaganza to be remembered for decades, you re going to need an eye-catching New Year s party invitation to get people in the door. 

By sending out well-crafted New Year s Eve party invitations, you can prepare your guests to attend the event in style. A New Year s Eve party invite can do more than let your friends know the date - it can also get them excited about the upcoming festivities. Your New Year's Eve invitations should inform your guests of what to expect at the party, whether it has a theme or a dress code, and whether you re planning to host an after-party brunch on New Year s Day. 

2020 Modifications:  To create a 2020-appropriate NYE invite (and party!), you ll need to include reminders of a mask requirement and socially-distanced event features (for in-person parties) and/or Zoom meeting IDs and food/goodie bag pickup or delivery details (for virtual events). You can also create a social media hashtag for your party so that attendees can share photos throughout the night and keep connecting into the New Year!

2. Consider Your Party Theme 

Masquerade Image

Image by Foxy_ from Pixabay

Pajama parties, masquerade balls, and potluck dinners are all fantastic ideas for a stellar night. To take things up a notch, you might consider incorporating a color theme into your party s design. If you re hosting a blacked-out masquerade, then you ll want your New Year s Eve party invitations to reflect this. For example, a matte invitation with a black or gold gloss print can convey a sense of refined elegance.  

2020 Modifications:  If your party theme involves putting together a costume or specific outfit, organize a virtual costume contest either via Zoom or a social media hashtag. If your guest list allows, consider having everyone put together a dish to share and drop it off at your home before the party, then put together a party platter for each couple or individual and make the rounds yourself so that you can all enjoy the evening together, separately! To keep your invitation from being cluttered, consider creating a website or social media page for the event and including the link on your invite.

3. Add Sparkle & Shine 

New Year's Eve Party Invitation Card Template 1

Design via MyCreativeShop New Year's Eve Party Invitation Card Template

Nothing says celebrate like sparkles! Leave up the Christmas lights and tinsel garland, and double down on the ornaments. While you should always find time to add glitter to your life, New Year s Eve makes it socially acceptable to glam up your home or event space. You can even find edible glitter to dazzle up your food and ice cubes. Who knew you could enhance sparkling wine by adding actual sparkles!

You might want to avoid glitter-bombing your guests with a confetti-filled envelope, but adding a touch of shine to each invitation can add pizzazz to your New Year Eve party invites. The sparkle may come in the form of a high-quality background image featuring fireworks, champagne flutes, or sparkling lights. You can also utilize different printing techniques to get that super-shiny effect.

2020 Modifications:
Consider putting together a goodie bag of party poppers, sparkly party hats, roll-up blowers/noisemakers, bubbles, and even a firework or two (depending on the rules in your city). Have guests pick up their party favors ahead of time or drop them off yourself!

4. Make It Personal

Vernon McLellan quote

Quote by Vernon McLellan via GoodReads

New Year's Eve is about celebrating the end of a year and welcoming in a new one. However, that doesn't mean you can't make it a little bit about yourself. Whether you're only having a small gathering of friends or hosting an open house for the whole neighborhood, you can make your New Year s Eve invitation memorable. If you're going for elegance, you may want to add your favorite introspective quote or poem. Want something a little closer to home? You can include photos of your family to commemorate a special moment from the last year. Or, if you're focusing on an entirely digital invitation or party, hashtags are essential!

2020 Modifications:
Ask your guests to share a photo of them holding up a thought about the past year and a hope for 2021. If space allows, you can also share yours on your NYE party invite to get everyone started. You can even consolidate their photo responses in a 2020 Yearbook and send a copy to each guest (whether a physical photobook or by using an online photo-sharing service) to encourage them as 2021 rolls in!

5. Details Matter

New Year's Eve Party Invitation Card Template 2

Design via MyCreativeShop New Year's Eve Party Invitation Card Template

Your New Year s Eve invitation should stand out amidst the crowd, but don t let the details get lost in the design. If you re hosting the party at your home or another location, you ll want to highlight the address. For a more intimate party, you ll also want to let your partygoers know if they re allowed a plus one. Is your party BYOB? If yes, your invite should say so. Start and end times are also essential inclusions so that your guests don t overstay their welcome. You can also include whether or not you re accommodating taxi cabs back home, offering places to sleep or have designated drivers at the ready. 

An important detail to include on New Year Eve party invites is whether the event is adults-only. If it is, be sure to send them early so your guests have time to secure a babysitter. Along the same lines, include all necessary RSVP information so that you can thoughtfully plan for the big day.

2020 Modifications: 
Don t forget to include any COVID precautions, such as masks and social distancing, if your 2020 bash is in-person. For virtual events, those Zoom meeting IDs (and passwords) or video chat URLs are essential. Also include any party material pick-up or delivery info your guests will need to ring in the New Year along with you!


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