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4 Easy Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Pressure Washing Business

Discover effective marketing strategies for your pressure washing business.
Andrea Schlottman
Published Feb 28, 2022

Like all home contractors, pressure washers have a distinct advantage when it comes to effective marketing: you already go where your target audience is! You don t have to convince anyone to come out to your storefront location or to go out of their way to claim your special offer. You already deliver your services right at their doorstep and that s exactly where you ll deliver your most effective marketing messages, too.

Check out these four surprisingly simple marketing ideas to generate new power washing leads and keep in touch with existing customers.

1. EDDM Postcards

Whether you re a scrappy new business or a longtime power washing veteran, EDDM postcards are one of the best ways to reach potential customers.

Short for Every Door Direct Mail , EDDM is a USPS program that allows you to target direct mail to any zip code in the United States. You don t need your own mailing list, and the cost of each piece is lower than standard mailing helping you save big while also reaching more people in your area.

EDDM postcards can work well for any kind of pressure washing marketing campaign. Just make sure you include the most important design elements:

  • A compelling discount or other special offer
  • A clear call-to-action
  • Your company name, logo, and contact information
  • Eye-catching imagery before-and-after images are especially powerful!
  • Customer testimonials, quotes, or reviews
  • A URL or QR code to your website or social profiles
We make it incredibly easy for you to design, print & mail your EDDM postcards. To see how simple we make it, head over to our direct mail page.

Interested in learning more about EDDM? Here are a few other great resources:

This pressure washing EDDM postcard advertises $25 off. Customize it with your own offer!
This pressure washing EDDM template highlights large-scale commercial projects.

2. Standard Postcards

Already have a mailing list thanks to years or even decades of service in your area? Then standard postcards are a great way to reach that target audience for an affordable price. 

Because you ll need to have addresses in hand, regular postcards are especially great for offers that are targeted to existing clientele. These might include:

  • Referral specials: Give a discount code, gift certificate, cash-back coupon, or other incentive to any customer who refers you to a friend or family member.
  • Review requests: Ask your happy customers to leave a review on your Google My Business profile, your website, or your social media pages.
  • Membership program invitations: Build up your recurring revenue by creating a membership program that offers priority scheduling, seasonal discounts, and other exclusive deals. These programs can be especially attractive to property managers, HOAs, public agencies, and other large-scale/commercial groups.
  • Loyalty discounts: Encourage repeat bookings by taking a certain dollar amount or percentage off your pressure washing services. The more repeat services a customer orders, the higher the discounts!

Of course, these aren t the only options to consider for a regular postcard campaign. Standard postcards can work well for any kind of power washing offer, such as 20% off or seasonal specials.

Every postcard you design with us is automatically connected to our powerful direct mail solution. You'll be able to upload your mailing list & select your target in mailbox date without ever leaving our website.
This power washing postcard template uses creative text effects to mimic writing on a dirty surface.
Use a pressure washer postcard template like this one to highlight your different areas of specialty.

3. Yard Signs

Similar to lawn care professionals, pressure washing crews are fortunate in that their handiwork is often on display naturally so why not take advantage of it? Draw extra attention to that sparkling-clean driveway or flawless city sidewalk by putting a yard sign down to sign your work.

There are tons of benefits to yard signs, and extremely simple design is one of them. For an effective pressure washing yard sign, all you really need is:

  • A large, easy-to-read headline
  • A clear call-to-action, like a phone number
  • Light branding
When it comes to yard signs, simpler is better! Get more expert tips on designing a yard sign.
Claim your beautifully clean territory with a customized pressure washing yard sign.
A sparkling-clean white driveway stands out in this power washing yard sign template.

4. Door Hangers

Could your pressure washing crews spare an extra 10 or 15 minutes per job? If so, this small investment of time could lead to a big pay-off! Instead of leaving the neighborhood immediately after packing up all the hoses and wands, have your team do a quick canvass of the surrounding homes and streets.

Door hanging makes neighborhood marketing easy because it requires very little time or money. It s also a flexible and versatile marketing medium, as you can:

  • Tailor different door hangers to different neighborhood demographics
  • Experiment with different offers to see which one drives the most engagement
  • Leave the door hangers without knocking or combine them with friendly doorknocking 
  • Staple a handwritten note to the door hanger for an extra-personal touch
This design lists key benefits and a clear way to get in touch. Customize this power washing door hanger template.
A creative photo overlay mimics a before-and-after look on this pressure washing door hanger.

Design and Print Your Pressure Washing Marketing Materials

From EDDM postcards to door hangers, MyCreativeShop offers ready-to-customize templates for all of the power washing marketing ideas above. Even with no design experience, you can create a custom piece for any marketing campaign and order prints right to your door. (Except for EDDM postcards, which our direct mail service will send straight to your target zip codes!)

Isn t it time to power up your pressure washing business? Start with a creative template and reach more potential customers today.

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