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3 Inspirational Ideas for Fall Lawn & Garden Services Marketing - with Templates!

Creative fall marketing ideas and templates for lawn & garden services.
Cassie Viele
Published Aug 31, 2022

Now that the chaos of the summer lawn mowing season is wrapping up, it's time for your lawn & garden business's marketing strategy to shift gears to fall, winter, and beyond! According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 40% of Americans with a yard hired a lawn or landscaping professional in 2017.

In addition, the US market share for landscaping businesses was $129 billion as of 2021(via IBIS World). You don't want to miss out on your piece of the pie just because the leaves are starting to change color, so it's time to get creative. To help spice up your marketing strategy this fall, we've got three creative ideas for you to try (and a bonus!). Read on for some autumn inspiration...

Idea 1 - Fall Cleanup Marketing

Lawn Mowing Fall Cleanup Poster Template
Lawn Mower Fall Cleanup Flyer Template
Fall Cleanup Lawn & Garden EDDM Postcard

Poster, Flyer, and EDDM Postcard Designs via MyCreativeShop

Let's start with the obvious - promoting your fall yard cleanup services as fall nears makes all the sense in the world. The WAY you promote those services, however, is an opportunity to get creative. Consider customizing your own marketing materials to add that personal touch. An eye-catching poster intentionally placed in the window of the local lawn and garden store you partner with can speak volumes. Similarly, custom flyers with a special offer can be easily distributed at community events to spread the word.

The most innovative of the above options is using an all-in-one design and mailing service to send out custom EDDM postcards. MyCreativeShop's all-in-one direct mail service enables you to choose a lawn & garden postcard design to customize, then makes it easy for you to select your recipients by uploading an existing list, using our mapping tool to select addresses based on ZIP code and postal route, or building your own list with our best-in-class list builder. You can then schedule and send out your postcard campaign, completely hands-off. We handle the entire process, from printing to mailing and everything in between!

Idea 2 - Landscaping Projects

Landscaping EDDM Postcard Template
Landscaping Door Hanger Template 4h8ze18cxdx
Landscaping Design Tri-Fold Brochure Template

EDDM Postcard, Door Hanger, and Brochure Designs via MyCreativeShop

Fall is also a fantastic time to promote your business's landscaping services. Get your community excited about your ability to transform their yard by customizing your own full-color postcards featuring your best work. You can either send them out yourself or take advantage of our all-in-one direct mail service for a budget-friendly way to expand your reach.

Colorful, custom door hangers are also a great way to spread the word about the landscape designs your company is capable of producing. Choose to include images with bright colors to make your design really pop against the solid background of the door. Carry them with you as you walk through the neighborhoods you work in and bring them along to your next project.

Another marketing tool you should always carry with you this fall is the trusty brochure. Creating your own a lawn & garden brochure is a breeze with MyCreativeShop. We've got a huge variety of customizable brochure templates to choose from, and our online editor allows you to personalize every square inch, from text and color scheme to images and shapes. Print them yourself or let us handle it for you, then spread them around your community like you're broadcasting grass seed!

Idea 3 - Pre-Booking for Next Year!

Lawn Mowing Service Options Poster Template
Lawn Service Promo Door Hanger Template
Summer Lawn Care Postcard Template

Poster, Door Hanger, and Postcard Designs via MyCreativeShop

Just because fall is coming, doesn't mean you can't keep recruiting new lawn care customers. Fall is a great time to sign up new clients for the following spring and summer. By now, homeowners are just over all the time and effort they've had to put into maintaining their yard and are more than ready to take advantage of an irresistible opportunity to avoid the hassle next year. Try out one of the above ideas or use them in combination for best results.

Place an eye-catching poster in the window of your go-to lawn and garden store to reach lawn-owners when they've already got yard work on the brain. Make sure your contact information is easily visible and consider including a special offer for those who mention seeing the poster.

Prefer to keep your recruitment efforts a bit closer to home? Take a walk around your neighborhood with a set of custom door hangers you create yourself. Feature colorful images and a sweet deal to really grab the attention of every resident and take the time to introduce yourself before moving on to the next door. Personal touches really make a difference!

Sending out custom postcards is an ideal way to get your foot in the door without being intrusive. When you start with one of our professionally-designed lawn & garden postcard templates and combine your selection with our all-in-one direct mail service, you can connect with a wide swath of existing and potential clients.


Snow Removal Flyer Template

Flyer and EDDM Postcard Designs via MyCreativeShop

The snow might not be falling yet, but there's no time like the present to get the word out about your winter income stream (or to consider launching one, if you're not already a lawn & garden company with a winter side gig). Challenge yourself by setting a goal to have a certain percentage of your snow removal client spots filled by a specific deadline and then work like crazy to make it happen.

Customize your own snow removal flyers and distribute them EVERYWHERE. Leave no stone unturned by also crafting your own EDDM postcard campaign with the help of MyCreativeShop's all-in-one direct mail service. Just make sure your record-keeping systems are ready to handle the influx of new clients before you begin your snow-pushing promotions so that no one falls through the cracks!


While summer lawn care may be wrapping up, fall is still a hot time to market your lawn & garden business. Whether you choose to promote your fall cleanup services, boldly seek out new yards to landscape, or ramp up your pre-bookings for next summer, there's a print marketing tool to help you get the job done. Print can even help you prepare for those winter storms. Combine multiple strategies and tools to get the most bang for your buck!

MyCreativeShop is ready to give you a leg up on the competition by offering professionally-designed lawn & garden templates, affordable print services, and an all-in-one direct mail service with a list-building tool that is second to none. You'll reach more prospective clients without blowing your budget or losing your mind. Get started on your fall marketing endeavors now before the snow starts to fall!

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