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Creative Christmas Fonts
Cassie Viele | Design, Marketing

15 Creative Font Ideas for Your Holiday Campaigns

The holidays are a perfect time of year to step away from strict branding and play with festive designs and creative font ideas to draw customers in. The National Retail Federation forecasts that holiday sales will increase as much as 3.8 to 4.2 percent this year—but you have to get customers to your store first, and relevant, holiday-inspired marketing can help you do that.  

NRF Winter 2019 Projection
Source: National Retail Federation

To help you put together an inventive and festive holiday campaign, we’re sharing 15 creative font ideas to inspire your designs. As you select your fonts, it’s important to maintain consistency across all marketing channels, from direct mail and local flyers to online ads and your website. Consistent design choices (including fonts) contribute to a well-built brand identity.

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1. Make a Bold Statement with Headers 

Christmas Concert Poster Template
Christmas Concert Poster – Customize it

This template uses the Vast serif font for its two-word headline, which gives it an eye-catching three-dimensional outline. This typeface is perfect for holiday campaigns when you want to make a statement.

When designing, remember that a bold serif font contrasts well with simple, sans-style fonts. In the above poster, the second (sans serif) font used is Josefin Sans, which compliments the headline perfectly.

2. Go For a Homey Feel with Handwritten Fonts 

Thanksgiving Dinner Banner Template
Thanksgiving Dinner Banner – Customize it

The holidays are all about spending time at home with family and embracing beloved traditions. Channel these feelings with a handwritten font like Amatic Small Caps. The small capitals can work for seasonal greetings on your campaigns, as well as headers. As an added bonus, this font is compact without looking crowded, which means you can fit more text in your design. 

3. Keep it Classy with a Clean Typeface 

Thanksgiving Turkey Banner
Thanksgiving Turkey Banner – Customize it

Clean and simple fonts like Oswald can create a streamlined and classy look. Don’t worry that it’s not festive enough; you can also achieve a holiday aesthetic by using on-brand colors. Notice how this template does exactly that, embracing the feeling of fall with text in orange and brown hues.

4. Take Advantage of Versatility 

Holiday Concert Poster Template
Holiday Concert Poster – Customize it

Many font families, including Noto Sans, which is used in the above template, come in bold and italic versions. This versatility allows you to differentiate copy in your design and still keep an overall cohesive feel. For small details at the bottom of your flyer, use a smaller italic version of the font, and stick with bold for headers or CTAs. 

5. Evoke the Holiday Spirit with Script 

Christmas Gift Sale Banner Template
Christmas Gift Sale Banner – Customize it

Scripted font helps you capture the festive spirit of the holidays. In this banner template, seasons greetings are proclaimed with Alex Brush, a font that can easily translate to any other print materials. Use it or a similar script-style typeface to make your marketing cheery and bright. 

6.  Bring the Old-World Charm with Traditional Typeface  

Happy Holidays Banner Template
Happy Holidays Banner – Customize it

The font in this template, Berkshire Swash, is a take on traditional English typeface but with a modern flair. With a nod to historic holiday traditions (echoing Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol or the lettering on old cookie tins), your campaigns will have a regal, old-world charm.

7. Try a Twist on Trendy

Mother's Day Spa Special Flyer Template
Mother’s Day Spa Special Flyer – Customize it

While our example here is a Mother’s Day flyer, you can easily translate this to a holiday campaign, specifically the Yellowtail font (“Spa Specials,” above). This trendy font fits in seamlessly with today’s design styles. To get the same effect, look for a thick, hand-drawn script that evokes the feeling of neon signs. Adapt that Instagram-esque aesthetic and use similar fonts to create on-target holiday marketing—an effective strategy, especially for businesses looking to connect with millennials.

8. Try a Refined Script Style 

Christmas Holiday Party Flyer Template
Christmas Holiday Party Flyer – Customize it

Script-style fonts are popular when it comes to marketing for the winter holidays. However, you can still stand out from the crowd and differentiate your campaign by making smart choices from the variety of options available. For example, a more sophisticated script, like Engagement, used in this flyer, may be more on-brand for your business. Not just for wedding-related designs, this refined font isn’t too ornate and still pairs well with non-script type, like Lustria, as shown above.

9. Play with Nostalgia

Christmas Cookie Event Flyer Template
Christmas Cookie Event Flyer – Customize it

The font used in this template, Architects Daughter, almost looks like a young child’s handwriting, which is perfect when marketing to families. A nostalgic font like this can take your audience back to childhood experiences of writing Christmas letters to Santa.

10. Go for Elegant Simplicity 

Christmas Salon Flyer Template
Christmas Salon Flyer – Customize it

Create marketing assets for the winter season without the holiday feel with elegant and simple typeface. A font like Rambla (used in both the header and text in the above flyer) fits in well with snowy and evergreen designs, which can also be used after the new year.

11. Create an Impactful Message for Your Community 

Christmas Eve Service Church Poster Template
Christmas Eve Service Church Poster – Customize it

If  you prefer classic fonts, Alike – which is used for the header on the above poster – is perfect. It’s impactful while allowing you to connect with any part of the season. Make your spiritual- or faith-based campaign stand out by using this font for a header, matched with a simple sans font like Josefin Sans for your copy text. 

12. Mix and Match Font Styles

Christmas Photo Set Poster Template
Christmas Photo Set Poster – Customize it

For a distinctive header or CTA, use a font that stands out from the rest. In this template, we used Special Elite to set “Photo Set” apart. Then mix-and-match fonts to create a unique design (this poster also features the script-style font Allura and sans serif Cabin). Be careful to mix your fonts wisely by testing different combinations in the design tool and to keep your combos consistent with your brand identity across all marketing channels.

13. Use an Inviting Hand-Lettered Script 

Christmas Tree Sale Poster Template
Christmas Tree Sale Poster – Customize it

Make your holiday campaigns seem like a family Christmas card with a calligraphy-style font. For instance, you’ll notice how the typeface on the word “Christmas” in the above poster (using the Allura font) looks like an effortless pen stroke from someone you love.

14. Bring a Unique Feel to Your Design 

Church Christmas Eve Service EDDM Postcard Template
Church Christmas Eve Service EDDM Postcard – Customize it

Don’t get lost in the noise of all the other holiday campaigns. Stand out by using a handwritten typeface that has more character than others. The font Sacramento is a cheerful script that looks like it’s written in your favorite aunt’s loopy handwriting. While still decorative, it offers a more unique flair than even some of the other calligraphy-style font options available. 

15. Stylize Your Text 

Christmas Parade Poster Template
Christmas Parade Poster – Customize it

Outlined fonts like Ribeye Marrow are highly stylized while still having a hand-drawn feel. A typeface like this works particularly well in a light color offset with a darker background to achieve a chalkboard effect. In the poster above, the outlined fonts seem to play with the holiday lights graphic to create a really charming and festive balance. 

Stand Out With Creative Font Ideas

Make the most of the holiday season with these fun font ideas. Now is the time to get festive, so let the season inspire your designs!


Try out your new “font-ain” of typeface knowledge by customizing one of our professionally-designed holiday templates!

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