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10 Mother's Day Design Examples to Inspire Your Marketing

Discover 10 unique and inspiring Mother's Day design examples for your marketing campaigns.
Dustin Hodgson
Published Apr 25, 2019

Mother s Day in the U.S. falls mid-May each year and offers us a chance to celebrate the women who brought us into the world and raised us. This spring holiday has turned into a tradition of Sunday brunches, flowers, and presents to honor the job of mothering, which equates to serious spending.

Last year, Mother s Day revenue was $23.1 billion, according to the National Retail Federation, and 86 percent of Americans make Mother s Day purchases, and spend an average of $180.

Mother's Day Spending Report
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For retailers or any small business dealing with seasonal sales, Mother s Day is an event you can t miss out on, so it s time to start strategizing. If you need inspiration to make your Mother s Day marketing campaigns meaningful, check out these ten unique designs.  

1. A Pun-ny Brunch

Who doesn t love a good pun? This poster for a Mother's Day brunch with Mom-osas can easily translate into a flyer as well. Take out the mimosa joke if that s not appropriate for your audience, but use the design itself, which is clean and fresh.

Mother's Day Poster
Mother's Day Brunch Poster

2. Modern Floral

All moms love flowers on mother s day. This design has a floral backdrop with very unique, yet complimentary text, that easily gets the main point across. With enough room for details on the bottom, this is a simple, yet eye-catching design for any small business.

Mother's Day Floral Flyer
Mother's Day Spa Special Flyer

3. Simple and Feminine

This simple design gives your poster a feminine touch, perfect for this holiday. Plus, it leaves plenty of space for text, allowing you to keep the message from getting too cluttered. Use the top, white banner, as a way to highlight the message of the flyer and your brand.

Mother's Day Flyer
Beautiful Mother's Day Flyer

4. Mommy and Me

A lot of mothers want nothing more than to spend time with their families for their day. This design attracts moms who want exactly that, while taking care of themselves. Remember that sometimes the simplest designs elicit an emotion or memory, allowing you to cut through the noise.

Mother's Day Yoga Poster
Mother's Day Yoga Poster

5. Lead With a Compliment

Flattery is always a good tactic. This design gives a charming message for moms that can be used alongside your other marketing messaging or CTAs. Use this sweet note to attract more customers this mother s day.  

Mom Design

6. Hand Drawn Messages That Pack an Emotional Punch

This illustration features vibrant colors and a strong central image, with an image that tugs at the heartstrings of all moms. The emotive nature of the figures juxtaposes nicely with the unique, earth surroundings. Plus, you can easily add more handwritten text to change up the overall messaging.  

Happy Mother's Day Illustration

7. A Calligraphy Thank You!

Mother s Day is all about saying thanks. This design uses hand-drawn lettering with a simple thank you message, keeping it simple but powerful. The flowers surrounding the design makes it feel whimsical and soft. Including a colored pencil at the edge of the frame also nods to the notion of homemade cards that children make for their moms.  

Mother's Day Calligraphy

8. Abstract and Trendy

While this stylish design might need to be tweaked for marketing or advertisement, you can borrow the overall on-trend feel. The 3-D flowers, with interspersed text against a shadowed contrasting backdrop, is very popular in graphic design. This abstract layout would work well with a young mom audience, especially on social media.

Mother's Day Bouquet

9. Boho Chic

This boho-chic template can work for several different companies or industries. Simply insert relevant images, keeping that same boho chic look and feel, and edit your text to match your promotion.

Mother's Day Marketing Board
Source: Creative Market

10. Retro Tropical

These flyers transport you back to Hawaii in the 60s. That type of nostalgia is perfect for moms who often harken back to days of traveling and exploring the world. The layout and style are perfect if you re advertising an event or sale on Mother s Day. Just remember to make your event name the strong central CTA with details underneath.

Mother's Day Tropical Design
Source: Creative Market

Stand Out This Mother s Day

Take one of these Mother s Day design examples and make it your own. Remember to incorporate sweet details and flare, so that you can stand out from the crown and creatively advertise your Mother s Day promotions.

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