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10 Fonts For Fantastic Signs

Discover the top fonts that will make your signs stand out with readability and style.
Jason Frueh
Published Sep 20, 2020

Choosing the right font is a critical aspect of designing an effective sign. While selecting the best font for signs will depend heavily on personal preferences and branding, there are a number of go-to typefaces and styles that you should consider.

Your chosen font must be readable from a distance while also fitting in with your branding strategy. Other factors, including color and size, are important considerations when choosing the best fonts for banners or signs.

Below, we ll list some of the best fonts for signs in any situation. Whether you're looking for the right typeface for your restaurant sign, yard sign, or warning sign, or simply looking to knock it out of the park with a fantastic outdoor sign font, we ve got you covered!

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif Font Image by Post PrePress Group

Design via Post PrePress Group Sans Serif Font by Post PrePress

A Sans Serif font is a typeface that does not have extended strokes, or serifs, at the end of each character. It is minimalist, modern, and makes for easy reading.

Sans Serif typefaces are the most commonly used font for signage. Their uncluttered nature makes them easier to read at a distance than their Serif counterparts. As a result, road and traffic signs utilize Sans Serif fonts almost exclusively. Here are just a few of the most popular Sans Serif fonts to consider for your sign.

1. Futura

Futura Medium by URW

Design via Creative Market Futura by URW

Known for its efficiency and straight-forwardness, Futura is a no-nonsense font that would work great for a sleek, modern sign. Think IKEA, which used a custom Futura-based font up until 2010, or Volkswagen ("Das Auto"), whose signature brand font was also a custom-modified Futura spin-off until 2015.

2. Franklin Gothic

ITC Franklin Gothic

Design via ITC Franklin Gothic

One of the best bold fonts for banners, Franklin Gothic has a classic and powerful feel to it. This eye-catching font has been a mainstay in advertisements and newspaper headlines throughout the years. It s also one of the best fonts for warning signs since it tends to command your attention.

3. Helvetica

Helvetica by Linotype

Design via Helvetica by Linotype

Some designers accuse this font of being bland - maybe even over-used. However, it is one of the most popular fonts, and for good reason. Helvetica simply works. It is neutral enough for you to utilize in nearly any scenario and is still the first-choice font for many. Think of Helvetica as the little black dress of typefaces - a classic neutral that goes well with everything.

4. Avenir

Avenir by Linotype

Design via Avenir by Linotype

Avenir means "future" in French. It is a clean and elegant font evoking a sense of warmth. Its simplicity makes for one of the best font styles for banners and signs in the 21st century. Popular usage examples of this modern font include the corporate typography for the city of Amsterdam, Snapchat, parts of Apple s iOS, and more.

5. Montserrat

Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky

Design via Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky

Montserrat is a versatile font that looks great in both its bold form and its lighter, natural iteration. When bolded, the thick structure can give off a friendly vibe for a modern company such as a digital agency or coffee shop. In its lighter form, it transforms into a chic and trendy typeface - perfect for a boutique clothing store or a young, entrepreneurial business.

Serif Fonts

Serif Font Image by Post PrePress Group

Design via Post PrePress Group Serif Font by Post PrePress

In contrast to Sans Serif fonts, Serif fonts are characterized by the extended marks at the end of the letters. They are commonly found in large bodies of text, such as newspapers, articles, and legal documents. The serifs help the eye flow from one letter to the next, making those materials easier to read.

Since Serif fonts can appear cluttered from a distance, they are a less common choice for briefly-worded signage. However, if your sign contains a large amount of copy, a Serif font may be just what you need. Here are a few Serif font options to consider.

6. Garamond

Garamond by Adobe

Design via Garamond by Adobe

Garamond is a readable Serif font with origins going back to the 16th century. It is commonly used in books or in a large body of text. As a result, this font would work well for smaller text within a poster, yard sign, or banner.

7. Bodoni

Bodoni by Linotype

Design via Bodoni by Linotype

Bodoni is a font that is both unique and classic at the same time. The thick and well-spaced strokes make it an ideal typeface for signs that want to exude a formal or professional feel.

8. Clarendon

Clarendon by Download Fonts

Design via Clarendon by Besley

Another weighty font, Clarendon possesses a strong, sturdy structure that makes it extremely legible. Clarendon has been popular with British lettering in signage, posters, and other mediums.

Script Fonts

Typeface Comparison by Snappa

Design via Snappa Typeface Comparison by Snappa

Script fonts aim to imitate cursive handwriting. They can be one of the best fonts for wooden signs used for a rustic wedding or perhaps to add a bit of sophistication to your headings. Because of the varied and fluid strokes, Script fonts can be difficult to read. For this reason, use Script fonts sparingly (a word here or there instead of all text) on copy-heavy signs or banners. 

9.Monotype Corsiva

Monotype Corsiva by Monotype

Design via Monotype Corsiva by Monotype

If you re looking to add a little flair and elegance to your sign, consider using Monotype Corsiva. Compared to many of the other Script typefaces, Monotype Corsiva's more generous kerning, or proportional spacing between characters, makes it quite readable. The strokes don t tend to overlap quite as much, allowing the eyes to differentiate between the letters more easily.

10. Alex Brush

Alex Brush by TypeSETit

Design via Alex Brush by TypeSETit

Alex Brush is a flowing, cursive font that works great for wedding banners, certificates, or invites. It is also one of the best fonts for restaurant signs - especially fine dining or formal venues.


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