Marketing Ideas Tight Budget

15 Small Business Marketing Ideas for a Tight Budget

Small business marketing expenses can add up quick. As you go through your expense reports to determine where you can cut back, one thing you don’t want to nix is marketing. As a business owner, you need to make sure your brand is seen and heard as often as possible. The good news is that …

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How to create a marketing calendar
| Marketing, Print

How to Create a Marketing Calendar for Print Advertising

A marketing calendar is like the business plan for your marketing efforts. It guides the way as you grow and evolve as a business. It also ensures that you have the right budget for what you want to do, but more importantly—that you’re using it wisely, at the right times of year and with the …

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Direct Mail Marketing Ideas
| Business, Marketing

Modern Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for 21st Century Business Owners

The Direct Marketing Association says mailers have a 4.4 percent reply rate compared to only 0.12 percent for email. However, in order to capture your audience’s attention without using flashy digital campaigns, you need to take your direct mail marketing to the next level. Luckily, modern marketers have all the tools they need to develop …

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How to choose your font
| Design

10 Different Font Types and How to Choose Yours

Selecting fonts might seem like one of the easiest tasks of designing. However, the text on a brochure or business card can make or break the success of the overall design. That’s because fonts have the power to influence your overall perception of text. For example, a recent study gave pregnant women a sheet of …

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Poster Typography Examples
| Design

10 Creative Poster Typography Examples to Make Your Marketing Pop

Typography has the power to transform a reader’s experience. Effective typography can display a cohesive brand, but also guide the viewer through the text and content on the surface while making your message more impactful. This is critical to keep in mind as you design your poster. Font vs. Typeface vs. Typography: What You Need …

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