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6 Proven Ideas to Target and Track Your Real Estate Door Hanger Campaigns

Many real estate door hangers you’ll see around your neighborhood probably look pretty similar: a professional headshot of the agent, some kind of headline, and some contact information. While getting the basics down is definitely a good start, it’s difficult to stand out with something too generic. What’s an awesome real estate agent to do, …

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How to Make a Yard Sign [6 Steps + Helpful Tips]

Wondering how to make an effective and eye-catching yard sign? We’ve got you covered! After exploring countless tips and tricks employed by MyCreativeShop customers, we’re sharing the most practical yard sign ideas below—plus some common mistakes you can easily avoid. Start with these six steps, and you’ll know exactly what to do. You can even …

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How to Organize a Cup Sleeve Event [K-Pop Edition]

Want to celebrate your favorite K-pop idol’s birthday, debut, or group anniversary? Whether you’re ARMY, BLINK, or a non-exclusive multi, you don’t have to book a trip to South Korea or wait around for a local meetup. Instead, you can absolutely host an awesome K-pop cup sleeve event yourself!  It may seem like a daunting project, but …

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Print Marketing An Unexpected Hero In The Fight Against The Coronavirus
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Print Marketing: An Unexpected Hero In The Fight Against The Coronavirus

During these unique times, we’ve all become more aware of the actions we take that could put us or others at risk of contracting the Coronavirus. We stay home as much as possible. We wear masks in public. We wear gloves or simply avoid touching anyone or anything outside of our homes. Anything we can …

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Lesson Plan Templates Creative Solutions Title Graphic

Lesson Plan Templates: Creative Solutions

Lesson planning can be compared to the steps taken to prepare for a cross-country road trip. Your departure point represents where your students are at on day one of your course and the destination is a stand-in for the level your learners will be at when the course is finished. Your road trip’s route will …

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