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Target a specific market with ease using Every Door Direct Mail postcards created from our EDDM postcard templates. EDDM marketing lets you reach out to potential customers in a predesignated ZIP code to easily deliver your marketing message. Postcards that meet EDDM regulations are just a click away with our easy-to-use templates and innovative online editor. Upload images, graphics, and more, and design your postcards front and back to announce an upcoming promotion or sale, get the word out for a grand opening, and more. Let us print your customized postcards using premium paper stock and ink, or opt to print them yourself from any location. read more
Authentic Pizza Restaurant EDDM Postcard Template preview
Hot Pizza Restaurant EDDM Postcard Template preview
Pizza Restaurant Kitchen EDDM Postcard Template preview
Modern Open House EDDM Postcard Template preview
Classic Open House EDDM Postcard Template preview
Vote Campaign EDDM Postcard Template preview
Tax Filing  EDDM Postcard Template preview
Tax EDDM Postcard Template l9xlf7tigx preview
Church Outreach EDDM Postcard Template preview
Church Christmas Eve Service EDDM Postcard Template preview
Church Welcome EDDM Postcard Template preview
Church Easter Outreach EDDM Postcard Template preview
Church Invitation EDDM Postcard Template preview
Heating & Repair EDDM Postcard Template preview
Tanning Salon EDDM Postcard Template preview
Colorful Painting Service EDDM Postcard Template preview
Storm Damage Roofing EDDM Postcard Template preview
Get Fit Gym EDDM Postcard Template preview
Stand Out Landscaping EDDM Postcard Template preview
Pet Grooming EDDM Postcard Template preview
Auto Repair Oil Change EDDM Postcard Template preview
Office Cleaning EDDM Postcard Template preview
House Cleaning EDDM Postcard Template preview
Window Cleaning EDDM Postcard Template preview
Cleaning Service EDDM Postcard Template preview
Veterinary Service EDDM Postcard Template preview
Clean Home EDDM Postcard Template preview
Weekend Tour Realtors EDDM Postcard Template preview
Pizza Restaurant EDDM Postcard Template preview
Lawn Care EDDM Postcard Template preview
All Day Music Event EDDM Postcard Template preview
Creative Beauty Spa EDDM Postcard Template preview
Awesome Travel Agents EDDM Postcard Template preview
Creative Tattoo Artist EDDM Postcard Template preview
Aerobics Class EDDM Postcard Template preview
Winery & Wine Making EDDM Postcard Template preview
Family Photography Service EDDM Postcard Template preview
Only The Best Hotels EDDM Postcard Template preview
Beautiful Event EDDM Postcard Template preview
Urban Real Estate EDDM Postcard Template preview
Pressure Washing EDDM Postcard Template 4f4ezcib0i preview
Political Campaign EDDM Postcard Template k7wxfag2li preview
Political Campaign EDDM Postcard Template eqfp2ded67 preview
Political Campaign EDDM Postcard Template e963s0p5be preview
Political Campaign EDDM Postcard Template j93ax3estn preview
Political Campaign EDDM Postcard Template ybuf3s5bwe preview
Political Campaign EDDM Postcard Template hgsfvhnjxs preview
Political Campaign EDDM Postcard Template uxt34fxf18 preview
Political Campaign EDDM Postcard Template 8vttjjmq4w preview

EDDM Postcards

In terms of marketing to the people most interested in what you offer, it doesn’t get easier or more affordable than Every Door Direct Mail® postcards. In fact, many business owners don’t realize just how cheap EDDM postcards can be as a marketing investment: the postage rate for an EDDM postcard is often about half the price of sending a standard first-class postcard.

Although saving on postage is a huge advantage, the EDDM postcard shines when it comes to distribution. Unlike your standard postcard, EDDM mailer postcards have the distribution already built in! That means you won’t have to build or buy any kind of mailing list in order to spread the word—you can work directly with USPS to mail your postcards to any ZIP code in the country. You can even use census data to target your mailers to households within a certain age, size, or income bracket. This unlocks so many marketing opportunities for new and existing businesses!

EDDM postcards are by far one of the most easiest & cost-effective ways to reach your target audience—whether that means customers down the block or residents all across the country.

Staying in line with the simplicity of EDDM postcards, MyCreativeShop has made the design process a breeze for you! All you have to do is choose a template, edit it, order prints, and then drop them at your local post office. Our EDDM postcard templates are professionally designed and easy to customize so you won’t have to hire a graphic designer.

Our Direct Mail EDDM Templates Are Made for You

No matter what kind of organization you run, you can find a beautiful EDDM postcard template within our huge selection! Sort through our 150+ templates one by one, or use a filter to find a postcard made specifically for your industry.

Either way, every last detail of your mail-out postcards can be customized right from your browser:

  • Text: Try new font pairings, experiment with different text sizes and colors, or add and delete text boxes until you have the perfect format.
  • Images: Upload your own images or insert a free stock photo from our library.
  • Color: Along with solid colors, you can choose interesting patterns and filled or outlined shapes to make your postcard pop.
  • Layout: Move text, images, and other elements around until your direct mailing postcards are eye-catching and unique.
  • Brand: Easily upload your own logo and other brand assets so that your postcard is unmistakably yours.

EDDM postcards are versatile enough to suit any type of business or organization, from political campaigns to cleaning services to lawn care crews. Our online editor is so user-friendly that you won’t need any design experience, either! Your EDDM direct mailing postcards can be on the steps of Every Door in no time.

What EDDM Postcard Sizes Do We Offer?

USPS has very specific requirements when it comes to EDDM sizing, but you won’t have to worry about that! We offer pre-approved EDDM postcard sizes:

  • 6.5" x 9"
  • 6" x 11"

These sizes are fully EDDM-compliant according to USPS regulations and will print with the required indicia markings as shown on every template. If you want to take advantage of the Every Door Direct Mail® program, these are the sizes you will need!

We also offer non-EDDM postcard templates if you plan to handle the distribution yourself; these come in 8.5.” x 5.5” and 4.25” x 6” sizes. Check out our standard postcard templates catalog to explore the options for yourself.

We Make Custom EDDM Printing Quick and Easy

Once you’ve finished tweaking and tailoring your EDDM postcard design, we make it quick and easy to order high-quality prints with just a few clicks. You can go from design to distribution in three simple steps:

  1. Order prints from us. At check-out, you can select your EDDM postcard printing quantity (up to 50,000) and opt for high-gloss UV finish on one or both sides.
  2. Receive your mailers on the guaranteed delivery date. Your postcards will be bundled and wrapped into groups of 100, so they’re easy to transport.
  3. Take your prints to your local post office. Work with USPS staff to select your target address locations and mail them out!

Go deeper by checking out our Complete Guide to Understanding EDDM.

Download to Use Another EDDM Printing Service

If you’d rather send your EDDM printing to a different local print shop, that’s simple, too! Instead of ordering prints directly from our editor, you can download a high-quality PDF that can be printed absolutely anywhere. Our smart bleed system ensures that no part of your design is cut off, even when printed with another service.

Design with Us and Deliver via USPS, Quicker Than Ever

When it comes to direct mailers, postcards are one of the most affordable ways to build your brand and boost your sales—especially when you go EDDM with MyCreativeShop! From eye-catching templates to USPS-compliant printing, we give you everything you need to reach your target audience and capture their attention.

Choose your EDDM postcard template now and be ready for direct mailing in no time!

Available Sizes:
Download Options
  • 300 DPI PDF - Print at home (no bleed)
  • 300 DPI PDF - Commercial Print (full bleed)
  • Web Quality JPG
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Every Door Direct Mail® is a USPS service that allows businesses to send targeted advertisements to a specific group of residents based on a set of demographic criteria. Ultimately, it’s a way for your business to send advertisements to the people you think would be mostly likely to act on them. The program has a strict set of requirements which we dive into more in our Complete Guide to Understanding EDDM.

Looking for an easy way to get pricing? Checkout our EDDM prices

The cost of EDDM varies based on how many mailers you are planning to send. If you’ll be sending fewer than 5000 pieces, you qualify for an EDDM Retail Account, and your only shipping expense will be the EDDM postage rate. If you have more than 5000 pieces to send out, you’ll need to upgrade to an EDDM BMEU Account and purchase a separate mailing permit in addition to paying the EDDM postage rate for each mailer. Postage rates change frequently - get the most up-to-date rates straight from the USPS.

All EDDM mailers are considered a “flat.” They must be rectangular, no more than 15″ long x 12″ high x.75″ thick, with a minimum of at least one of the following: length of greater than 10.5″, height of 6.125″, or thickness of .25″. In addition, they cannot exceed a weight of 3.3oz. Check out our blog post A Complete Guide to Understanding EDDM for more about EDDM or visit the USPS Quick Reference Guide to get all the current details. 

Yes, we offer standard postcard sizes that you can customize for any direct mail campaign. Checkout our standard postcard templates.

Once you’ve completed your EDDM postcard design, click the “Print/Download” button or head straight to our EDDM Printing page. Select your postcard size, quantity, and paper type, then choose whether you’d like us to bundle your postcards or not, enter your delivery info, and hit print. We’ll deliver a fantastic set of satisfaction-guaranteed EDDM postcards bundled according to USPS specs or not bundled. Alternately, you can always choose to download a high-quality PDF to print and bundle anywhere you like.

In order to be accepted by the USPS for mailing, your EDDM postcards must be bundled in stacks of 50 or 100. Each stack cannot exceed 6 inches in height, and bundles should be consistent. Consistent bundling means that you use only groups of 50 or 100, not a mix of the two. For example, if you have 588 postcards, you could put together 11 bundles of 50 and one bundle of 38 or five bundles of 100 and one bundle of 88.

If you place your print order with us, we can bundle your postcards in groups of 100 - one less thing to think about!

Yes, you can easily design, print & mail your postcards directly with us. If you're looking to select your carrier routes, we have the best EDDM mapping tool online. Simply look for the mail buttons when you design your postcard. Learn more about how you can mail postcards