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Too Cool For Education Templates

Roman poet Horace’s phrase “Carpe Diem”, has become synonymous with seizing the day and making the most of present opportunities. It could be engraved on our educational templates. It has also been used in the context of living for the moment, but it’s real meaning lies in the notion of grasping opportunity now to prepare for the future.

Where better to do this than in our schools and educational establishments? As you seek to prepare your own school brochure templates, you will naturally be thinking about the words and images that will reflect your ethos and the very real attitudes that you wish to embody. Why not start with your own motto?

So What's in a Motto?

A motto’s purpose is to capture a great deal of meaning in a few lines. Originally these words were in Latin, because at that time speaking Latin and Greek was considered to be the height of a good education. Today mottoes abound, and it seems every institution, and indeed many businesses go to the trouble of maintaining or creating a motto, as well as a crest, or logo.

A look at the best school brochure templates will show that most, if not all educational institutions use their motto as a point of pride and focus. When thinking about how to create, or revamp your school brochure, this motto and logo will play a crucial role. Not only does it encapsulate the values you want to communicate, but also the colors used might well inspire other choices in your brochure design.

As such it will pay to remember that your logo is a visual symbol of your school, and your motto, tells a story, reveals your values and can be a potent symbol of nourishing, nurturing and of course, new beginnings.

The economy of the motto is a prime piece of advertising and communication. For these few words carry a lot of weight. When space is limited, and you are possibly looking a tri-fold or bi -fold brochure for your school, what you say and where you say, are crucial decisions to make.

A school brochure is a symbol of hope.

A quick look at some educational templates will show us a vibrant mix of intriguing colors, as well as copious amounts of white space, to rest the eye. Your brochure is more akin to the best invitation ever to improve your life, to learn and to impart knowledge and create opportunity. Your motto and logo are only the start. With these in place you can usefully go about deciding what other information you could include. In no particular order, you might be thinking about how to get the best pictures of the school, and maybe even considering using a professional photographer to achieve stunning shots.

Your motto might even be developed into a mission statement that could develop or expand upon some of your values and goals. The inside panels might contain a useful calendar of school dates as well as important events for the year. This will make your brochure a useful keeper. You might choose to highlight educational opportunities, and programmes that your school provides for students. Maybe too there is space for a little proud history, or a prominent sponsor or two.

A good school brochure is a delight to create and a joy to look at. It is your chance to really show how you shine, and to let others know how much passion, and enthusiasm you can display because at the heart, you are offering people access to their dreams.

It’s all about people

People gaining confidence, being given opportunities, people with potential, enjoying success, being supported and encouraged. Your school brochure is a symbol of hope and reaches out to people, their dreams and their aspirations.

Look again at our school brochure templates, and see how many feature real people, happily enjoying that experience. Let that sense of achievement and enjoyment be present all the way through your brochure. Tell your audience about the benefits of attending your school. Their future begins here, right now with your design.

At MyCreativeShop.

We are immensely proud of our educational templates. We invest our business with a passionate belief in excellence that reflects your own. We invite you to explore our site and the amazing professional service that we offer all those who wish to develop their own unique and outstanding brochures. Discover how easy it is to create a dazzling brochure for your school, knowing that you have our knowledge and experience to help you build on a fantastic template, and create something of real pride and value for your community, and your future students.