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A Relaxing Way To Think About Salon & Spa Brochures

Today both spas and salons are some of our most prolific businesses, and we can’t seem to get enough of being pampered in general. The limits of our treatments seem to be the limits of our imagination, from massage in all it’s forms, to beauty and skin treatments, to yoga and wellness at every level. The word ‘spa’ has become synonymous with relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalising treatments, and a salon is the place for everyone to head, for a royal pampering.

That we enjoy being pampered is not surprising, if we consider, that there are something in the region of 5 million touch receptors in the body. There are 3,000 in a single finger tip alone! The skin, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn, is the human body’s largest organ. Go, tell that to the brain!

So, with all this attention, and it seems increasing demand, how can you ensure that your spa brochure or salon brochure, reaches out to new customers, and draws them to you for a long and delightful relationship?

What people really want...

Whether you are just starting out on your own, or seeking to jump start a new treatment, it really pays to get inside the heads of your customers, before you light a single scented candle or, lay one finger on them. Your brochure will be one scintillating invitation, but before that can happen, take some time to consider the information inside.

You may be immensely proud of your powerful hairdryers, and the number of nozzles on your spa pool jets. You might take great pride in your taste, and good eye for design in your reception area. Your towels might be crafted from organic cotton and beautifully co ordinated, and your infinity pool might over look a stunning vista, but your lovely wallpaper and bamboo furniture will not lure paying customers into becoming regular happy clientele.

The gritty truth is, people do not care about your features, not one bit. People want to know, what every potential customer wants to know: what’s in it for me? In other words, specifically for your spa or salon; tell your customers about the benefits.

How will I feel?

Remember those 5 million touch receptors? Every single one has a voice thats responds with an “ooh” and, an “ah” and, “oh, yes please!” Wellness is dripping with opportunities for you to tell customers how good a treatment will make them feel. You can have as many rainforest natural free radicals as you like, but until your clients sing with happiness, and he or she feels the benefits, you haven’t made one significant sale. But you can. Let your words and descriptions run with feelings. Be warm, snug, and relaxed. Open to a sanctuary oozing relaxation, harmony, and calmness. Indulge your customer with delights they will feel, and you will already have people wanting to book.

Successful spa brochure templates are a visual delight, but above all they should be a sensory feast. You want people to pick it up, be curious, be enchanted, open it and then, and here is the point, you want them to take action. So, give me a call. I have something special...just for you.

Entice your reader, not just with the contact details, a freephone number, or a website showcasing more of your fantastic, tantalising and revitalising services. Give them a map by all means. Give them directions, but get them to call you now, not tomorrow, next week, or sometime in the future.

Have you ever been delighted when given a gift wrapped present? You couldn't wait to get inside, and find out what it was. Maybe you didn’t really mind exactly, but the point was, it was a gift for you. it was a surprise. It made you feel happy. It was thoughtful, and hopefully useful, and receiving it made you feel good.

Take this concept and apply to your brochure. “ Call me now”, and get what? What would you offer to make this customer call? A coupon, a ticket, an exclusive invitation, a gift, or purchase offer? The specific is up to you, but give them a reason, and an incentive to call, and the means to do it.


Take a look at the sumptuous wellness world, shown in our spa and salon brochure templates. Even a cursory glance will shower you with endless possibilities and sources of inspiration. Here is a world of nature, wellness, waterfalls, relaxing spas, and massages. All of this positive energy can be harnessed by you in creating your own essential spa or salon brochure.

You don’t need any expensive software or training. Simply drag and click to change anything at all, from colors, to graphics and fonts. We’ve more than a million, pure, high resolution images for you to use, and play with. Creating your own brochure is easy with our professional templates. We’ll happily answer any question you have, and offer you any guidance. Now, get ready to indulge yourself!

The team at MyCreativeShop.