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Non profit brochure

It should go without saying that you want your non profit brochure to be a compelling design. One that will stand out, and raise your profile. You want a call to action that will rise head and shoulders above every other non profit template out there. There are after all, a host of distractions and temptations out there fighting for your donor’s dollars.

“Good design is invisible.”

It might sound a bit funny to say, because surely we want your brochure to be noticed, so it might make more sense to say, good design should stand up, shout out and holler, “Pick me, pick me!”

Actually the invisibility is a serene clue. In this instance it means good design should not obscure the message. The point of all this after all, is donations, awareness and perhaps volunteering, but the message comes first. Bad design, or cheap quality, not only obscures the message, it defeats the purpose. It can make a potential donor wonder how badly and ineffectively you might spend their money.

Good design is seamless, harmonious with the message and contributes to the overall success of your non profit brochure.

The design does not come before the message.

It comes from it. Every word and every picture backs that up. Every font, color and graphic works for you. So in order to get that part right - and if you like, that is the easy part, we need to get clear about the message.

The message is astutely summed up in one or sometimes two very clever sentences. Often called The Mission Statement, this group of words works very hard telling the audience all about you and what you stand for. It is your best friend. It speaks about what you are intending to do about the problem you have identified.

If you think that is a tall order, you are right, it is. But done well, a mission statement is within you capable grasp. Getting it right will not only endear you to donors, it will automatically raise your profile, because everyone will understand instantly who you are, and what you do.

Take a look as these two mission statements, and take the time to count the words. Oxfam: “to create lasting solutions to poverty, and social injustice.” Just ten simple and clever words. Here’s another, this one from the American Heart Association: “To build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.” It comes in at another economic ten word special. Not bad for a statement that includes the phrase “cardiovascular diseases.” And if you think ten is economic, then how about this beauty from The Humane Society. “Celebrating Animals, Confronting cruelty.” An incredible four words.

What you notice about these succinct and economic mission statements is they capture exactly what the organisations do. They are clear, memorable and concise. They tell you precisely what the problem is and more specifically, they tell you what they are doing about it.

They are not hoping, or thinking about, or even concerned about. They are building, they are creating, they are celebrating. These are active words that are also positive and practical. You also get to understand that there is a result. If you or I donate time or money to these organisations, we know, and understand intrinsically, how we are helping.

It comes as no surprise then to find that a strong mission statement drives the action. It demonstrates commitment and it promises verifiable results. Not only that, the mission statement speaks to, and for, donors, volunteers, board members and beneficiaries. It is up there with some of the best, most direct communication out there. And so should yours be!

Say who you are, what you do, for who and where.

A brochure is by its nature a small compact economic dynamo of information. Maybe you can expand your mission statement into a broader piece. Again, the brochure is not the place for going into great details, a link to your web site can have your donors browsing at their leisure about the specifics of each project. Right now we are working to get them interested, and in order to accomplish that we need to keep things brief.

How effective are you at what you do?

Show me. Tell me where and how you have made a difference, nuts and bolts, I want to know that my money or contribution is going to make a difference. Do you spend money wisely? Does your brochure reflect this? This is not a plea for a cheap, badly designed cluttered brochure, but in fact, a plea for real good design, plenty of forethought about what you will include, and perhaps, dare we suggest, a look at MyCreativeShop, where you can produce a professionally designed brochure for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional?

At MyCreativeShop.

We delight in providing the best professional design. We have proven non -profit templates that are waitting for you to adapt and create your own unique, effective brochure. It’s simplicity itself to change everything and anything you see, allowing you to use your ideas and creativity. You won’t need any special skills, or expensive software. In fact you’ll be building with some of the top professionals in the industry and your quality will be assured and guaranteed. All for a fraction of the cost of hiring an outside agency. You want to help and make a difference. Let us help you do exactly that!