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Color Tips For Medical Brochure Templates

When you look at a typical medical brochure, what is the first thing that resonates with you? Is it the catchy title, the graphics, or is it the photographs? Before any of these things kick in, one element of the brochure is already subliminally doing its work. Almost all medical brochures have at least one thing in common - the color blue. Blue is one of the most popular colors with both men and women. Asking why, takes us a little deeper into the psychology of color, and a fascinating journey it turns out to be.

The Color Blue

You probably knew that blue, being the color of the sky and therefore the oceans is considered extremely peaceful and tranquil. It has qualities that are calming and cooling. it is also considered to be a natural antiseptic, that can lower blood pressure, and even reduce headaches and migraines. Encouraging loyalty and trustworthiness, blue is often linked to tradition and used to emphasise conservative values. Now, look again at some examples of medical brochure templates. The color blue runs through many of them, for good, clear reasons. And now you know why!

A hint of Green

Also considered one of the ‘cooler’ colors, green is often used in a typical medical brochure. Hospitals use the color for many of the same reasons. In a word, green is “relaxing”. It is also the color of nature, therefore it is associated with life itself. Did you know that brides in the Middle Ages wore green to symbolise fertility? Green represents the environment, but it also a color of safety, even to the point of reducing pain. Little wonder then that medical staff often wear green gowns!

All White

Look again at those templates. Everything you see has been professionally designed, and organised, so that the eye of the reader, is taken on an informative journey through color, images and words. And yet that white backgound is one of the most enduring and important aspects of your design. According to color theory, white promotes healing of body, mind and spirit. A natural pain reliever, white relieves depression, and raises energy levels.

Psychologically, white symbolises innocence and purity, and those white nurse’s and doctor’s gowns, well, they are there to imply sterility. It also helps to be able to see the dirty marks! In terms of your medical brochure design, white is restful to the eye, and allows us to focus more easily on the message.

Use any color you like!

Psychological color theory is fascinating. But really any color that is soothing, or engaging can be used to good effect in your medical brochure template. A hint of red, or yellow can be used to highlight and to draw attention to detail. Perhaps more importantly, your study of professionally designed templates reveals that color can be used intelligently in conjunction with graphics, fonts, good clear and concise copy, and of course stunning photographs, to produce the best medical brochure for your product or service.

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But what we can guarantee, is a one stop, no nonsense, brochure template design service, that has been created by professional graphic designers, who know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to medical brochure design. And that, is priceless!

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