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You can write a mean property description and you know your way around the MLS like it’s your second home, but designing marketing materials is not in your wheelhouse. Not a problem. With our simple, easy-to-use online editor and bevy of real-estate-themed poster templates, you don’t have to have an artsy bone in your body. Simply find the template that calls out to you, plug in your own photos or find images in our stock photo gallery, add your text and other elements, and then print your posters for instant display from any location. We also offer premium printing services, handling the printing for you so you can focus on closing those deals and making your commission.

What Can You Do With Your Real Estate Posters?


When it comes to reaching out to prospective buyers and sellers or marketing properties in your territory, taking a multi-pronged approach to reaching your target audience makes a lot of sense. Real estate posters are a part of that marketing puzzle. Design and customize real estate posters to hang in your office, detailing the hottest properties and just-listed homes. Use posters in your storefront windows to welcome first-time buyers to consult with you. Promote an open house with a strategically placed poster that draws the attention of foot traffic by your location, or customize and frame a poster to tout your experience and training, and then hang it in a prominent place in your office. Don’t forget the digital version of your poster; use it on your website, or make it part of a social media blitz to draw attention to your business or an open house event.

Design Ideas For Real Estate Posters

Real Estate Agent Posters

As a real estate agent, you have the power to be someone’s super hero. Promote yourself and your business with a smartly designed poster that showcases your unique talents, skills, and abilities. You may not be faster than a speeding bullet or stronger than a locomotive, but you are quite capable of SELLING tall buildings in a single bound! Put your inner Man (or Woman) of Steel on display and draw in potential clients from all corners of the universe. Include your contact info, recent sales, and brief client testimonials. Our online editor makes the design process easy and kryptonite-free. Create and print your posters today!

Top Ideas for Using Your Real Estate Posters

Because we offer so many different template options, you really are limited only by your own imagination when bringing your real estate posters to life. Some of our most successful real estate users often make posters to:

Showcase an agent

Introduce yourself or an agent on your team with a poster running down your creds and qualifications. Everyone wants to work with the best; show them why you and your team are the best choice for selling a home or helping them find their dream home.

Increase response to open house promotions

You can’t create too much buzz for your open house events. Bigger attendance increases the odds of getting more offers. Use posters in conjunction with flyers, postcards, and other materials to ensure a big turnout.

Create commercial property for-sale signage

Fill the windows of your commercial listings with posters detailing contact and other info so that looky-loo’s have a way to get in touch with you ASAP when their interest is piqued.

Customize in-office signage

Take down those paintings and other wall art—they’re pretty, but they don’t help increase your sales. Create beautiful posters for every marketing campaign to display on your office’s walls, in the reception area, and elsewhere.

Talk to passersby on the street

If your office has storefront windows, make use of that valuable space to talk to would-be sellers and buyers from the street with real estate posters that beckon with your message.

Why Make Custom Real Estate Posters With Us?

Creating your own marketing materials, including real estate posters, doesn’t have to eat up your marketing budget. With MyCreativeShop, you get the same high-quality results you’d expect from hiring an ad agency, minus the price tag and the hassle. Our templates are beautifully designed and specific for your industry, so you’re sure to find plenty of options for an array of different posters. Using our editor is fast and fun, so get started creating a buzz for your business with eye-grabbing posters now.

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