Spa Referral Program Flyers

Cultivate client loyalty at your spa by rewarding your best customers for referring their friends. Promote your referral program with a beautifully designed flyer that encourages clients to share what they love about your spa with everyone they know. Your rewards might be spa credit for each new appointment booked or even a free service or product after a certain number of successful referrals. Your custom-designed (by you!) flyer should also lay out any eligibility requirements and how your clients can sign up. You can simplify the process even more by using our editor to also design custom referral business cards that your clients can distribute to their friends – the possibilities are endless!

Spa Services Offered Flyers

Your spa clients (and potential clients) are even more interested in the services you offer than they are in the ambience and atmosphere of your little oasis. Enlighten them with a “Services Offered” flyer that convinces them that they will return home from a day at your spa feeling restored, recharged, and rejuvenated after experiencing your signature massages, facials, pedicures, and so much more. Lay out the full list of services and packages, along with pricing and any discounts you might offer (buy 3, get 1 free or even pre-booking discounts). Upload your logo and photos of your spa’s interior to really make it your own.

Spa Featured Product Flyers

Product sales are a huge portion of your spa’s revenue stream. Let your clients know about your favorites with a beautifully crafted “Featured Product” flyer. Maybe you carry a fabulous anti-aging foaming face wash or the latest facial brush - promote your products and educate your clients simultaneously with a flyer that seeks to both inform and inspire. Whenever possible, connect the featured product to a service your spa offers – give spa-goers an opportunity to experience the product in action and then be compelled to make a purchase in order to re-create the same results at home. Multiply your sales today!

Spa Facial Flyers

Whether you’re running a day spa or a medi-spa, the array of facials you offer is a huge draw. Set your spa apart with a completely customized, personally designed flyer that is in line with your spa’s ambience and approach to skincare. Relaxation, restoration, and serenity should run throughout the design. Describe each facial type offered with vivid but calming imagery that evokes a sense of peace and gives potential clients a feeling of trust in your services. Highlight the benefits and advantages of each facial treatment, and be sure to call out any facials you offer that are unique to your spa. Design and print yours today!

Spa Mothers Day Flyers

Give husbands and children the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for the hard-working moms in their lives, because if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! Promote your spa’s gift options with a compelling “Mother’s Day Specials” flyer. Include an array of relaxing pampering packages that give mom a break and make her feel valuable, like “Princess for a Day,” and include lunch and beverages – mimosas, anyone? Even better – offer gift-givers the option of a reloadable gift card balance, so that mom can come back anytime she needs to be restored and feel human again (doghouse insurance is never a bad plan). Print yours today before Mother’s Day rolls around again!


Design Spa Flyers

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

People come to your spa to relax and remove the stress from their life. We’ve found that by empowering people with the ability to create their own flyers, that we’ve become the spa of online design.  The process is quick, easy, and fun; browse our templates, find one that embodies the philosophies and vibe of your spa, and then add your own twist to the design through the use of uploaded photos or artwork. Craft a message with a strong call-to-action using the font of your choice, and customize your spa flyers’ colors and more with just a few clicks. Finding your “zen” in the design process has never been simpler.

What Can You Do With Your Spa Flyers?

Once you have sprinkled your marketing magic on your spa flyers, getting them into the hands of the would-be pampered in your target market is a matter of clever distribution tactics. Hand them out face-to-face to customers who inquire about your services and products, or partner with salons in the area to distribute them for you. Upsell patrons at the point-of-sale with a flyer placed in any product bags that go out your door. Pin them up near areas where your niche market lives, works, shops, and plays. Use your spa flyer in its digital format on your website or social media page, or make it part of a social media blast to your followers, fans, and friends.

Using Your Spa Flyer

You have a good idea of who wants and needs your services, and you’re working on locking down the message you want to send them. We suggest using your spa flyers to:

Make your grand opening a bigger success

Announce your grand opening and introduce yourself to your target market. Let them know the who, what, when, and where – and they’ll know exactly how to get in on the excitement.

Offer a special promotion

Whether you’re giving mini facials for half price or promoting a spa membership deal, even your most spoiled customer loves a bargain.

Showcase your credentials

Are you a licensed clinician? Let your customer base know! In the spa industry, many practitioners remain uncredentialed – so having a few letters after your name is a huge draw for customers and positions you as an authority that they can trust.

Highlight classic before/after cases

Did your treatments reduce lines and wrinkles for a particular customer? Can you see a difference in the cellulite on another customer’s thighs following a procedure? Show off your handiwork with high-res photos to entice prospective customers to get similar results with you.

Promote a new product line or procedure

Do you now offer manscaping for the metrosexual? Was your facility recently approved for “cool sculpting” or some other innovative treatment? If you’re offering something you’ve never offered before, your customers need to know, so give them the deets with an informative spa flyer.

Why Make Custom Spa Flyers With Us?

We know how stressful marketing your business can be, which is why we work hard to make our platform the very best in the industry – and our customers agree. Using MyCreativeShop is a hassle-free way to get spa flyers and other marketing materials in your hand (and in the hands of potential clients) in the most affordable and stress-free fashion. Using our online editor is a lot of fun, and our wide selection of spa templates helps you create a design that really speaks to your business. Once you try us, we promise you’ll be hooked – so get started now.