Rewards Program Hotel Flyers

Does your hotel offer exclusive perks to your best (most frequent) customers? Are you in the business of cultivating and nurturing guest loyalty? Increase your rewards program member roster by designing and displaying a hotel flyer that makes them an offer they can’t refuse (Marlon Brando not included!). Highlight amenities and benefits available ONLY to rewards members, such as a free stay for every 10 nights or an exclusive complimentary breakfast room. No-cost automatic upgrades can be a big incentive, too. Make the case for them to keep coming back, and continue to provide the professional and consistent service they’ve come to appreciate. Post your flyer in your lobby now!

Hotel Room Details Flyers

To your guests, your hotel is their home away from home. Let them know what they’ve gotten themselves into by creating an inviting flyer that empowers them to know everything about their room. Are roll-away cots or baby cribs available? Give them a path to make the request. Lay out where to find extra bedding, towels, or complimentary toiletries. Directions to the ice machine, room service hours, and vending/snack options are also helpful. Design a flyer that makes your guests feel relaxed and at home, without any of the housework. Tu casa es su casa, after all!

Accommodations & Amenities Hotel Flyers

Is your hotel the ultimate kid-friendly destination? Or perhaps you cater more towards the needs of business travelers? Increase your impact by designing a targeted hotel flyer that highlights your accommodations and amenities and speaks directly to your primary clientele. If you are a family hub, your flyer should include great features like separate sleeping areas (mom & dad need their sleep, too!), a pool (or two!) and waterslide, and proximity to local attractions like zoos and parks. Your biz-friendly flyer can be less flashy; throw in your free in-room Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, dry-cleaning service, and meeting room availability. Start multiplying your bookings now!

Hotel Activities Flyers

Destination hotels and resorts like yours offer a wide variety of activities to appeal to their guests – don’t miss the chance to promote your offerings to potential guests with an attractive activities flyer. If you primarily accommodate vacationing families, lay out your programming for children and teens, along with options aimed to give mom and dad a break, and adventures for the whole family. Is your hotel a romantic getaway? Show off your two-person activity options – couples’ massages, wine tasting, local shopping/walking tours, land sports, and date-night restaurant offerings. Your flyer should cater to your target guest population. Our easy-to-use online editor makes it simple to produce yours (and increase your reservations) in no time.

Hotel Pool Party Flyers

Parents are always looking for kid-friendly party locations. If your hotel has a great pool setup, don’t miss the chance to generate a new income stream by hosting pool parties. Lay out your terms and package options in a well-designed, brightly colored flyer. Provide a lifeguard, food options (kids love pizza!), and maybe even partner with a local bakery to give parents a one-stop shop experience. If your pool area includes unique features (like, say, a waterslide or pirate ship play area), highlight the offerings that set you apart. Whether you offer poolside tables or a separate party room, design your pool party flyer now, and maybe you’ll even get an invite!


Design Hotel Flyers

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

MyCreativeShop’s customer-centric user interface puts you in total control of your hotel flyer’s design. Brag about your in-suite whirlpool tubs, free breakfast, swimming pool, or fitness center through the use of uploaded images, graphics, text, and more. Simply browse our inventory of templates to find your favorite, add the elements you love most, and then manipulate the design to get your message across, whether you’re offering a weekend getaway special or promoting a frequent guest loyalty program. Show off photos of your charming bed-and-breakfast location, or provide high-res pics of your spacious honeymoon suites. Your custom hotel flyers come to life before your eyes in minutes, and best of all – you don’t need a design degree to craft a flyer that has a professional look.

What Can You Do With Your Hotel Flyers?


Marketing with flyers is not a new concept, but it is a proven one. Whether you’re promoting a ski lodge, beachside high-rise hotel, or country cabin, hotel flyers can help prospective guests envision spending time (and money) lodging with you. Mail your flyers to everyone on your mailing list, partner with local attractions to distribute flyers to their patrons, and pin flyers to bulletin boards in tourist hot spots. MyCreativeShop offers you the ability to use your flyer in its digital format on your website, or you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, and other popular networks to your followers on social media.

Examples Of Uses For Hotel Flyers

The design of your custom hotel flyers can be as intricate or simple as you like. Think about using your flyers to:

Detail the little “extras”

From free Wi-fi to complimentary breakfasts, show off what you offer to get guests interested in spending time with you.

Call attention to your hotel’s amenities

A picture of an Olympic-size pool may appeal to sun worshippers, while photos of spacious suites with two beds may peak the interest of families with small children.

Give guests a special deal

Turn your flyers into coupons redeemable for a percentage off a three-night stay or a reduced rate for booking a night in the off-season. Everyone loves a bargain!

Showcase your location

Are you located in a popular area? Is the beach minutes from your hotel lobby? Are you within a stone’s throw of an active nightlife and world class shopping? These are all reasons for guests to choose your hotel over the one two blocks over.

Brag on yourself

Has your hotel received favorable coverage in a local newspaper or magazine? Do Yelpers say you’re something special? Use your flyer as a brag sheet to toot your establishment’s horn to would-be patrons.

Why Make Custom Hotel Brochures With Us?

You want the best-looking marketing materials for your hotel, and with MyCreativeShop, your flyers take on a professionally designed look that positions you as a serious player in the hotel space. We offer a range of templates with a bevy of customization options, making it easy to get your point across in no uncertain terms, and our online editor is easy and fun to use, so your design comes together in no time flat. Drop what you’re doing and get started now!