Design Daycare Flyers

with MyCreativeShop’s Editor

Our intuitive online editor lets you quickly and easily design custom daycare flyers that speak to your professionalism and qualifications. Choose a template you love, add elements such as photos, graphics, and your logo, and then customize your message with your choice of text and fonts. Use your flyers to show off your facilities, your playground, or other amenities or to introduce your staff to potential clients. Your flyers can be as simple or as complex as you like, and you can opt to print them immediately if desired or take advantage of our pro printing service that's easily accessible from our editor.

What Can You Do With Your Daycare Flyer?

Daycare flyers provide a simple and direct way to canvas an entire neighborhood or other areas with your marketing message. Hang them on community bulletin boards, distribute them to your local PTA groups, community centers, and other places where parents and kids gather. Keep them on hand when you network for your daycare business to give parents more information or promote an enrollment special. Make flyers as needed to keep parents abreast of policies, policy changes, new regulations, inspections, and more.

Using Your Daycare Flyers to Grow Your Business

Flyers are an affordable and effective means for advertising your daycare services. Some of our most successful daycare users put their flyers to work:

Announcing their availability

Whether you’re brand new in town or have new openings, flyers help you get the word out so that you can have a full roster all the time.

Detailing services and rates

Provide information for would-be clients with flyers that give a breakdown of rates, fees for diapers/formula, and other important info.

Promoting a special

If you’re offering an enrollment special for new daycare attendees, flyers can help you drum up business quickly and affordably.

Showing off new staff

Make parents feel comfortable by introducing new staff members with flyers that run down their qualifications and training.

Drawing interest to upcoming events

Use your flyers to keep parents in the loop about daycare happenings, events, special guests, and more.

Why Make Your Daycare Flyers With Us?


At MyCreativeShop, we take the guesswork (and cost) out of working with a design team to come up with professional flyers and other marketing materials to grow your small business. Our process is affordable, easy, simple, and above all, fun. Our customers enjoy seeing their ideas come to life before their eyes, and the instant gratification of printing and using their flyers right away is just icing on the cake. Go ahead; play around a bit with your ideas, have fun, and find the best way to portray your message now.


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