Yoga Instructor Info

Give your yoga students a unique insight into your instructors by putting together an inviting brochure that shares their stories and abilities. Include a photo of each teacher, along with a well-written bio that lays out his or her trainings, certifications, and accomplishments, along with the breadcrumbs of interesting, humanizing personal details that make them who they are. Throw in any yoga specialties or favorite classes to teach and/or participate in. Our online editor gives you everything you need to make a great (and memorable) introduction. Design and print your brochure today, since you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Yoga Class Details

Power Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, or Yoga Sculpt? Hot Yoga, Barre Fusion, or Advanced Yoga? Take the mystery out of your students’ class selection decisions by designing an informative class details brochure that gives them everything they need to know. Include the basics, like class length, heated or not heated, and skill level. Move on to describe the flow of the class, along with any special features (like the use of a barre or a high-intensity level) and any special qualifications/recommendations (such as being pregnant (Prenatal Yoga)). Design and distribute your brochure today, and enlighten your current and future students!

Yoga Teacher Training

Impart your knowledge to the next round of yoga instructors by hosting a teacher training class series. A yoga teacher training brochure will get your message out to any students who are looking to upgrade their qualifications to 'instructor'. Lay out the pre-requisites for teaching hopefuls to complete before they can register, along with the expectations for instructor certification. If you intend to offer participants the opportunity to teach their own class for your studio upon successful completion, share that process in detail. Our online editor enables you to design and print your brochure in between poses. Include some eye-catching (relevant) photos, and you’ll be all set!

Yoga Studio

Introducing your yoga studio to potential students is key to filling your class rosters. Share your oasis with your community by designing a compelling yoga studio brochure that opens the door to your piece of the neighborhood. Encourage them to go your way by describing your yoga philosophy and class offerings. Make sure to include a brief but informative intro to your instructors. Feature the best professional photos you’ve had taken of your studio interior and classrooms, and select a color scheme that fits with your style. Finally, don’t forget to provide all of your contact information – real life and social media – so that registration is a breeze!

Yoga Retreat

A weekend yoga retreat may be just what the doctor ordered for your students – draw them in with a dreamy, serene yoga retreat brochure. Design it yourself with our user-friendly online editor, and you’ll have a brochure that shares your studio’s personality and style. Break the retreat schedule down into days or hours, depending on the overall length, and include detailed descriptions of each class, event, or workshop. If you’re bringing in a special instructor, share their photo and a well-written bio. Highlight the cost and lay out what students need to do to register. Once you’ve finished your brochure, we can print it for you and have you in tree pose in no time!

Design Custom Yoga Brochures

with MyCreativeShop’s Editor

With MyCreativeShop’s online editor, customizing a design that shows your business in its best light is easy and fun. Simply select a professionally crafted template that speaks to you, and then choose media to enrich each page and grab prospective clients’ attention quickly. Upload photos of your classes in action, the serene look of your facility’s interior, and other selling points of your business to help your would-be customers picture themselves using your services or buying your products. Use our editor to manipulate your brochure, choosing colors, fonts, and other customizations to really own the design, and then print your brochures in bifold or trifold format from any location. We also offer premium printing services to give your brochures a professional edge.

What Can You Do With Your Custom Yoga Brochures?

Your finished yoga brochures become ambassadors for your yoga business, whether you’re handing them out to prospective clients from your studio or distributing them via direct mail marketing to a targeted mailing list. Once your design is complete, you can also do a social media campaign, sending your yoga brochure in its entirety out on the interwebs via Twitter, Facebook, and other popular platforms, reaching an audience that is infinite in size.

Using Your Custom Yoga Brochures to Expand Your Bottom Line

MyCreativeShop users find many ways to use their brochures as part of effective marketing plans. Use your yoga brochures to:

Position yourself as a guru

You know your way around the chakras and your mudra is on point. Use a fold or two in your brochure to highlight your expertise and training to impress clients with your yoga chops.

Offer a peek inside your facility

Highlight the beauty of your yoga studio to help prospective customers envision themselves downward-dogging their way through your classes in an environment conducive to finding peace and tranquility – and a little escape from the rigors of their day.

Run down a promotion

Offer savings on a series of classes or a free introductory class to get your foot in the door with clients on the fence about giving your services a try.

Detail your rates and availability

Pricing is a factor to most folks; take the guesswork out of the equation for potential clients by publishing your pricing and class availability.

Highlight a new class

Are you offering a new hybrid version of yoga that works the core muscles or builds cardio health? Prenatal yoga workouts for expecting moms, or baby-and-mom yoga for postnatal mothers? Hybrid yoga is all the rage, so cash in on the latest trends with brochures that give clients the 411.

Why Make Your Custom Yoga Brochures With Us?

MyCreativeShop takes the stress out of designing your marketing materials. With our professionally designed templates and online editor, getting high-quality printables in hand is fast, simple, and fun. Our editor is easy to use and offers a slew of options for customizing yoga brochures that you’re proud to distribute and that appeal to your target market. Design a brochure with the right balance of information and eye-grabbing images now.