Hotel Room Detail Brochures

Whether you’re a frequent business traveler or simply planning a family vacation, hotel rooms are your home away from home. Guests want to know what their room will offer them BEFORE they arrive. For the corporate exec in town for meetings, features like free Wi-Fi, a desk, good coffee, and even an in-room ironing board or dry-cleaning service can be huge selling points. For the family escaping their everyday lives, separate sleeping areas for children, refrigerators/microwaves or a kitchenette, and space to sprawl out can make all the difference. Provide them with a custom-designed brochure that appeals to their unique perspectives.

Hotel Accommodations & Amenities Brochures

Aside from location, the biggest selling points of any hotel are its accommodations and the amenities that set it apart. Design a flashy brochure that highlights your hotel’s features and unique offerings. Have a professional photographer take flattering, well-lit pictures of your building’s exterior, guest rooms, event facilities (such as conference rooms and ball rooms), and your special amenities, like a restaurant, pool, gym, or gift shop. Appeal to engaged couples by including a special section on wedding packages and catering options. Print your brochure and display it at your front desk and in your sales office. Post a PDF on your website to reach even more potential clients!

Hotel Event Center Brochures

Promote your hotel as a go-to event center by designing an eye-catching brochure that highlights your hotel’s unique selling points and lays out how you can meet your client’s needs. Include professional photographs of your facilities, list your catering offerings, DJ connections, and make sure to lay out your most popular pricing options (wedding packages, holiday parties, business meetings, or anything else your facility is known for). Give direct contact information for your sales staff, and create a call-out section with testimonials from past or current clients. Use our online editor to design your own custom event center brochure – your hotel will be booked in no time!

Hotel Room Service Brochures

After a long day of travel, what better way to grab your guest’s attention as they browse the amenities than with a colorful brochure filled with some of the delicious food available to them through your room service menu! As your guests walk into their hotel room the first thing they’ll likely notice is the view and the comfortable bed, but you want your guests to be pleased not only with the conditions of their room, but also with the accommodations your hotel has to offer. Satisfy your guest’s appetite with a room service brochure that’s sure to get anyone’s stomach rumbling!

Hotel Rewards Program Brochures

Encourage your repeat hotel guests to remain loyal customers by giving them the opportunity to rack up rewards points that can be redeemed for future stays. Create a rewards program that motivates them to share their love for your hotel with their friends and colleagues by earning points for referrals and for every night they stay. Offer exclusive perks for rewards members, like a special complimentary breakfast room, nightly networking happy hour, and discounts at your on-site or partner restaurant. Loyal guests are your most effective form of advertising. Our editor allows you to design a brochure for your rewards program that will convey all of the details to your best customers!


Design Hotel Brochures

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

When guests are making travel plans, give them plenty of reasons to choose you over the competition with custom hotel brochures that show off your venue’s amenities or that offer them special rates or other promo deals. With MyCreativeShop’s editor, you can quickly design both bifold and trifold brochures in custom sizes, using the elements you like most. The editor turns even the most novice designer into an old pro in minutes, letting you use your keyboard and mouse to turn your choice of template into a brochure that expands your bottom line and keeps your rooms and suites filled to capacity. Use our editor to add your own text, graphics, artwork, and images, or select suitable images from our premium stock photo gallery. The process is simple, fast, and fun.

What Can You Do With Your Hotel Brochures?

Hotel brochures are valuable marketing tools for your hotel, motel, bed-and-breakfast, lodge, or other establishments. Hand them out at the front desk when people inquire about lodging, mail them to prospective guests, distribute them to visitor’s centers and tourist attractions, and pin them to community bulletin boards. Take advantage of your brochure in digital format for prominent display and download on your hotel’s website, or blast them out through cyberspace with a social media marketing blitz before every big tourist season.

Popular Uses for Hotel Brochures

The use of your hotel brochures is essentially limited only by the bounds of your imagination, and so is their design. We’ve gathered a few ideas from other MyCreativeShop users to spark inspiration for the use of your own custom brochures. Use them to:

Showcase what you offer

High-resolution photos of your best rooms that show off their views, their furnishings and their size creates a picture in potential guests’ minds, allowing them to envision staying with you for a night (or ten).

Draw attention to perks

Do you offer free Wi-fi? Do kids under 12 stay for free? Is there an infinity pool just steps away from guests’ doors? Play up the perks that come along with staying with you to get them excited for their stay.

Detail your pricing

Expense is a big issue for travelers, so detailing your room rates is important to draw them in. Beat the competition by making your rates simple & easy to understand. 

Promote a special

An in-brochure coupon or coupon code can help to get prospective guests “off the fence” and on the phone, booking a room with you.

Point out your proximity to local attractions

If your hotel is near the boardwalk, the beach, a famous landmark, a popular theme park, or even the airport, let prospective guests know. Being just a short distance from entertainment and shopping can make or break a decision to stay with you.

Why Make Custom Hotel Brochures With Us?

We put our all into creating a user experience that is second to none, and we think you’ll see that clearly with every visit to MyCreativeShop. Our templates are visually beautiful and completely customizable using our online editor. Our customers appreciate the affordability and ease-of-use we offer them in designing hotel brochures that increase their guests’ numbers and give their establishments a professional edge. Browse our site, get familiar with our editor, and play around with your brochure design – we promise you’ll have fun and you’ll love the end product.