Design Bakery Brochures

With MyCreativeShop’s Editor

You know how to appeal to their bellies, but how do you get them in the door to show your customers exactly what you’re made of? Bakeries often face stiff competition, so custom bakery brochures that detail the products you offer and any house specialties that make you unique can be invaluable in marketing your products to the locals and beyond. With MyCreativeShop’s online editor, you can show a potential customer base that you have the right stuff through the use of photos, text, graphics, and more, and then fine tune your design to make your brochure memorable and actionable.

What Can You Do With Your Bakery Brochure?

Brochures may seem old school, but their appeal has a wide reach. With MyCreativeShop, you can get the look of a professionally designed brochure without the price tag that comes with tapping into a professional design team – and with zero design experience under your belt. Distribute your brochures as part of a general marketing campaign, keep them on hand to give to would-be customers when they stop by to check you out, or even broadcast your brochure in digital format on your website or via social media via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

Brand-Building Strategies with Bakery Brochures

Getting your bakery’s name on the lips of your prospective customers is the first step towards making them paying customers and repeat buyers – and building your brand. Brochures can help you:

Showcase the yum

Upload mouth-watering photos of cakes, breads, cookies, and other confections to show off your bakery prowess and get your brochure recipient hungry for what you have to offer.

Brag about your specialties

Do you make wedding cakes that are to die for? Cater to large parties? Use your bakery brochure to brag about what makes you the best at what you do.

Prove your chops

List out your culinary training and education to give yourself a pat on the back and position yourself as an authority in your niche.

Give them what they need to act

Take advantage of your brochure’s text space to list out your hours of operation, address, and contact details, so customers always know when, where, and how to contact you.

Incentivize brochure recipients

Use part of your brochure to extend a special offer, promote an upcoming monthly special, or offer a discount.

Why Make a Bakery Brochure with Us?

There are oodles of reasons that you should choose to make your bakery brochures using our professionally designed templates and customer-centric online editor, but the one often cited by our clients is this: it’s fun! Your designs are limited only by your imagination; choose a template, and upload photos, artwork, and other elements to tweak your brochures to your liking. Select from bifold or trifold designs, and flex your design skills with a few mouse clicks. Once your design is a slam dunk, you’re ready to print; leave printing up to our expert printing department, or do it yourself from your own location. Nothing’s simpler, and the results are always what you have envisioned. Dust off your apron and get started now!

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