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Building A Better Hotel Brochure

Your hotel may not be the Waldorf Astoria exactly, but in your eyes it is even better! A wonderful hotel brochure can entice future guests to come and stay, and remind your loyal customers what a fabulous sanctuary they have at their disposal. Hotel brochures are a sample of the whole experience your guests will enjoy. It is an open door, leading your customers right up to reception, with a delightful sense of welcome and expectation.

Psychologically we all know that the lure of a stay at a hotel is an enchanting prospect. The opportunity to get away is always exciting, but as much as we crave adventure and new experience, we want something secure in our hotels and accommodation. We want somewhere we can relax, whilst having our senses stimulated. One definition goes so far as to say, “hotels are an extension of home - but with an air of escapism.”

What do guests really want?

Surveys are regularly undertaken to work out what guests really want, and what they consider to be important. Once we get to understand this, the theory goes, we will know how to market our hotel. Twenty years ago, you might be surprised to find the results of one survey, showed that the most important request from guests was cable TV! It might be true to say that today this is not something that is regarded as too important, whereas free wi-fi, certainly might be. But neither of these are the reasons customers will open your brochure.

Recent surveys of regular hotel users, list great service from friendly staff, as their number one priority. Clean and fresh rooms, follow as number two, and fantastic food, sits at third. Other surveys list, a soft mattress as a priority, followed by hot breakfast, and yes, free wi-fi. These are all “food” for thought, but the real point here, is that all guests have great and sometimes different expectations, and your hotel brochure is where they will begin to see if you measure up.

How am I going to be treated?

There’s a real element of intimacy and trust involved in your relationship with customers. That feeling of security and familiarity, mixed with the sense of adventure, is something you can work to cultivate in your hotel brochure.

What would you say your hotel excels at? Take some time to list what you think is important about the experience of staying in your hotel. Every business will differ here, and it is worthwhile noting your point of difference, so this can be used to great effect in your copy. For example, are the rates reasonable? Is the location great for access? Is your ambience outstanding, historical, or modern? Are you about luxury, or convenience?

Your aim overall is to get across a message of reassurance and competence. One that inspires confidence, and creates a little curiosity. Everyone who opens your brochure wants to feel a soothing sense of comfort and charm. Are you out to set new standards in luxury and service? Is it your goal to offer quality and style, or evoke history and comfort? What, in other words, do you want your invitation to emphasize?

Paint a picture.

Everything you have thought about as being important to you and your customers needs to be captured in those scintillating pictures of your hotel. Have a look at some of the industry specific brochures in MyCreativeShop. Hotel brochures are very distinctive and often incredibly stylish. This is exactly what you need. You want to be able to feel yourself, surrounded by the decor, immersed in the delightful hush of the carpets, or sitting on the balcony soaking up the view. Your brochure should reflect the ambience you have taken so much trouble to create. Select photographs that show off the vibrant hues and stunning decor.

Wander around in your mind and see the hotel from its best advantage outside. Let the journey take you into the lobby, glimpsing the pool, perhaps enter the bar, or see the breakfast buffet. The journey continues up into a fabulous room with amenities, and an inviting bed! This is a great chance to show your hotel off to its best aspect. Clever editing can hint at atmosphere, and colours will match a theme around your hotel. It is a fact, “the more a customer can see of a hotel, the more they want to stay there.”

Bringing it all together at MyCreativeShop.

At MyCreativeShop we delight in being able to offer professionally designed, industry specific, brochure templates. For us it is really important that you have the choice, and flexibility of being able to change absolutely everything you see, with a minimal amount of technical knowledge.

Having got a taste for the type and style of hotel brochure you want, you will be able to experiment with the photographs, fonts and typefaces you want to use. Now is the time to use your lists and start to compile the vital information every potential customer would like to know. From the types of rooms, to the amenities, include vital information such as checking out times, restaurant selection, and room rates. What else would you like prospective customers to know?

Finally, ensure your contact details are clear and accurate. You want to make it as easy as possible for the reader to contact you to book a room. You have done so much to turn curiosity into an exciting and desirable adventure. So much so, that opening your brochure will be like walking right into your wonderful hotel - for the first of many visits to come!