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A unique twist on crowdfunding!

See how envelope fundraising can help put a creative spin on your next fundraiser.

Message from the creators
"We have thousands of customers who have been impacted financially by Covid-19, so we decided to build a unique way for anyone to raise money online and it's 100% free to use."
From The MyCreativeShop Team
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How does it work?

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    Use our simple tools to create your giving account with us and create a fundraising campaign

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    Campains consist of virtual envelopes each representing a dollar amount that can be donated to you.

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    Donors click on an envelope and make the donation to you.

The easiest way to explain how it works is for you to see it:
View a Demo Fundraiser

Anybody who wants to raise money for an organization or cause is able to create a free account with us and configure as many fundraisers as they want.
MyCreativeShop makes NO money when you run your campaign. All donations received, less credit card processing fees, are sent to your account. Credit card processing fess are the industry standard 2.9% + .30¢ per transaction.
Our platform is built on Stripe, the global payments leader, that allows us to securely and legally capture payments on your organizations behalf. As donations are received, the funds skip over our account and go right into your bank account. Stripe handles all the transferring of money, reporting, and required tax forms and you get a payout into your bank acocunt daily.
You are in complete control of how many envelopes you genreate to put on your virtual giving wall as well as how much each individual envelopes donation value is. We've built a simple envelope generator to allow you to create hundreds of uniquely priced envelopes with the click of a button.
Yes! You can specific your brand colors, your logo, your campaing title as well as more custom messaging.