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How to create a brochure.

Try as you might, there is no way anyone will ever advance on the basic design of a wheel. It is perfect at what it does - and perhaps is the single most important piece of engineering that has allowed our society to prosper.

When it comes to how to make a brochure, the advice is the same, don’t try and reinvent the wheel. And yet, doing exactly that, maybe the single most important tool for design and fostering your unique creativity. After all the technology and design for the wheel for a mountain bike, or a skateboard, is as radical and challengingly different as the wheel of a Ferrari is from a cart-wheel.

They are all wheels, they all go round - they cover ground, but does that make them the same? No way!

Good brochure design begins with the basics intact. A brochure is a template if you like, tried and tested, effective and dynamic. Whether it’s bi-fold, tri-fold, or another variation - all that is a given. Your brochure is like that round wheel - it is a brilliant piece of design and efficiency but it needs you to give a special mark.

Cut to the point of difference.

Great news then, that you already know what makes a brochure tick. You’ve bypassed hundreds of years of evolution and testing. We already know what works. We know that some combination of graphics, text color and images are going to open your business, or cause, up to your intended audience, and this is where your work really starts.

Everything you know about this mysterious crowd of creatures is going to count; so how well do you know them?

Getting to know you.

Imagine you are some intrepid documentary maker, discovering an elusive new species. Your job is to learn and understand everything about them. That information will be the biggest influence on your design. That brochure will be the one brochure that engages them, that they understand, that they can relate to, that they might keep and above all, curiosity aroused, they might call you up about. So what do you know about your audience?

Define them. Who are they? How old are they? Where do they live? What is their average income? How do they like to spend their weekends? What do they watch on TV? What might they read? What colors would appeal to them? Are they trendy and funky, or conservative and traditional? Would they appreciate humor, or serious testimony? Where do they eat and drink, shop and save? What would make them stop and pay attention? What are their hobbies? Are they wilderness adventure seekers, or weekend gardeners? What work might they do? How do they relax?

The list is endless, and every time you tick another box you are getting closer to the frame or reference that is going to dictate the way you create a brochure. Every choice and consideration you make in terms of your design will be based on this information.

Ask questions of everything, and you will get answers that give you massive clues as to how to design your brochure. Once you have defined who you are talking to, it is a simple matter to write out exactly what you want to say. Make your message match your audience, and you will be on track to a sure-fire winning brochure, that will sing out to your present and potential customers.

Now go back to wheel and consider how, within its brilliant and proven design, you can make it unique, special and truly a wonderful thing of value and promise.


At MyCreativeShop we have pulled the best brochure templates together for your specific industry. Whether your brochure is a slick sports car, a dynamic skateboard, or a beautifully crafted ornamental carriage, you will find the template here. Simply take your customer know how and understanding, and makes the internal changes that will reveal your unique coat of many colors.

Take your time and play with as many images, colors and fonts as you like. Everything you see can be changed, and once you have added your text you will be ready to produce one dynamic, individual brochure that will arrest your target audience's attention.