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Cleaning Brochures

You professional cleaners are not just out there vacuuming up dust mites and wiping surfaces down. You are a professional, hardworking team with experience and all kinds of secret cleaning know-how.

How then do you go about putting together your ideal brochure? Are there some things that could help you? What should you include? What do you emphasize? What are the things every potential customer wants to know? Finally, how will your cleaning brochure convince your new clients that you are worth a call?


Before you even start to look at cleaning brochure templates, take some time to reflect upon what people are looking for when they want to hire a cleaning service. Yes, it’s about clean surfaces, removing allergens, maintaining or achieving organization, and emptying the trash. But, deep down, we know there is a connection between these things and real peace of mind.

The service you are providing allows people’s lives to function more easily. That means less mess, but it also means less stress. Cleaning is a deeply personal service. It touches some very intimate areas of people’s lives - their homes and sanctuaries. There is a sincere level of trust involved. These very human qualities mean that any brochure you produce should seek to reassure potential customers that you understand - you care. Of course your brochure will talk about the services you offer, but first, above everything else, you are people who care.

Sparkle and Shine!

We often associate cleanliness with brightness and light. Certain colors complement this, and your brochure will certainly want to take advantage of them. Vivid, airy colors, highlighted by the use of white, will give your brochure an edge that will appeal to customers. Keep the clutter at bay to make your message stand out. View your brochure as another opportunity to showcase your cleaning abilities by producing a neat and tidy final product. Fonts, graphics, and images can be clear, simple, and dynamic!

Crystal Clear

What sets you apart from all the other cleaning services? What makes you unique? Is it your attention to detail? Perhaps you take great pleasure in your reliability or your cleaning solutions. How do you work? How, if you are honest, do you want your customers to view you? No doubt you can include things here such as dependability and affordability. Customer satisfaction is important, so how do your customers rate you? Are you a highly trained and respected workforce? Do you exceed your customers expectations? Take some time to brainstorm these points. Which one would you choose to emphasize? Make this clear - crystal clear!

It really is all about people.

Again and again, we come back to the fact that trust is earned, and reputations are built. If you are lucky enough to receive some testimonials from happy customers, write them down and consider using them. You know how important a good reputation and recommendations are, so make it work for you in this most personal of industries. You know that you value honesty, integrity, and trust, but how can you help your potential customers understand that enough for them to choose you?


Having formed an idea of what you want your brochure to say, now take some time to look at our industry-specific cleaning brochure templates. You’ll notice that some of them reflect exactly the ideals you have been thinking about. These templates have been designed by professional graphic designers with your industry in mind. Now it’s time to make it your own!

Without expensive software or time consuming training, see how easy it is for you to adjust and change everything you see. Although you are starting with a great layout, now you can put in your own logo, alter color schemes to suit you, and play with more than a million different high resolution images we have sourced. You’ll be able to produce your very own unique and professional cleaning brochure in no time at all.

We’d be delighted to give you a quote for a high quality print job, but the choice is always yours, so you can arrange for your own printer with the PDF file of your final product. Access to all of our professional services cost less than the price of a cup of coffee a week. In addition, we offer a 7 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee, plus we also guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with any print work we do.