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A good brochure builder matters

Curiosity drives us. Wanting to know, trying to understand. Like Alice in Wonderland’s great adventure, our world is one of enquiry and wonder. We stand on tip toe reaching for the handle of the door. Wanting to understand what makes the best brochures, we look for a brochure builder that will help explain things. One that will work with us, open us to new ideas, and new ways of seeing things.

Maybe we hope for the same in our potential customers and new audiences; we want to amaze them with our product, or service. We believe what we are offering is unique, creative, and of real value.

We were driven by the same curiosity and this is our wish list. A list that we created when we asked ourselves what someone like you would want from your brochure design. This is what we, at MyCreativeShop, came up with, once we had thrown everything we had into the mix.

The result is the ultimate brochure package and simply, the best brochure builder online.

The best templates in the industry.

We can tell you, or you can simply look. We use top, award winning professional graphic designers. We are fussy. The templates we provide for you are the best in the industry. Period.

Specifically yours.

Whatever template you desire, whatever your industry or business, it is here. Proven, specific and perfectly suited for your brochure. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we’ll create it! It’s as simple as that.

No blank canvas.

The world seems a more demanding place when faced with a blank. Where do you start? Our templates give you an inspiring starting point. You get to see, from the start, exactly where you could head and when you are ready to change...

100% interactive with limitless possibilities

Every color, every shape, every picture, every object can be changed. No exceptions. Many other templates you see, are only partially changeable. Ours are 100% interactive, to allow you to make one individual, unique brochure.

Unrivalled Value.

Ordinarily the standard of work you see, and use, would cost quite a bit. A quote from an advertising agency, or a graphic designer, will verify that. Even to get access to the software and expertise we use would involve a significant cost. We have turned that business model on its head. We offer you unrivalled package for $19.95 per month with unlimited access, and exclusive membership status.

The clearest images.

The best brochures work with high resolution images. You can use any images you provide, or as a privileged member, you can take advantage of our integration with Fotolia - giving you unrivalled access to over one million professional, high resolution, images. That image bank is growing all the time.


Turn your brochure design into a PDF file with a click. Another click to share on social media. How easy is that to get your work out there? Consult, tweak and change, at your leisure. We even offer that facility with brochure designs you have commissioned. You are the editor.

As designers we understand you want to have control over your brochure, and the printing process. We’re happy for you to print with whoever you choose, but should you want, we’d be delighted to give you a competitive quote and guarantee the results 100%.

If you are not fully satisfied, we do it again, free of charge, until you are

At MyCreativeShop

We want your business. We want to share our passion, and our expertise, with you. We are beside you all the way, and we love to talk! Pick up the phone and give us a try. We look for partners where we can, and our small, lean and keen successful business model, has produced some stunning unique brochures for businesses like yours.

We look forward to working with you.