A Complete Guide To Understanding DPI

Nailing down just what DPI is (and why we should care) beyond the obvious “Dots per Inch” can be a very elusive task. If you want to read all the details, you can check out my post about the difference between DPI and PPI. If you just want to get to the bottom of what …

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DPI or PPI: Does anyone really know the difference?

Since you’re reading this post, it’s likely that you’ve done at least SOME online searching in hopes of discerning the difference between PPI and DPI (or whether there even is one?). If you’re anything like me, that process left you even more confused than when you started your search, as many articles out there use …

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Don’t be fooled – Print is still where it’s at!

Let’s face it – in this increasingly digital world, it has become all too easy to discount the power of the printed word (or picture!). Why not just throw your entire marketing budget into Google and Facebook ads? The simple answer is that there is more to print advertising than meets the eye. Digital marketing …

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5 Lessons You Can Learn By Doing Your Own Customer Support [Our Experience]

At MyCreativeShop, we’ve chosen a rather unique approach to handling customer support as we’ve grown from nothing into a multi-million dollar eCommerce business. What’s unique about our approach? We’ve never hired anyone else to do customer support.   That’s right. As the owners of MyCreativeShop, Jason and I have handled every support ticket that’s ever …

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Data Studio: An Introduction Using March Madness Data

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been around the game of basketball. Earlier years meant that I was in a gym, while present day has me watching from my couch. Either way, I love it, and I love March Madness®! So, I thought to myself, what better way to introduce my affinity for Google …

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