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Paris, 1870. The city is under siege from the Prussian Army. Creating a flyer template might have been the last thing on the mind of the besieged French. However, they felt they ought to say something. They sent a hot air balloon up over the enemy lines and dropped what may have been the first airborne flyers ever. Their message? It was simple, really, like all good flyers. It began (in German), “Paris defies the enemy. The whole of France rallies. Death to the invaders.”

Maybe those Prussian soldiers read the flyer. Maybe they even thought about the flyer-maker, and, although they won the war, eventually the Prussians did go home. Nevertheless, airborne leaflet propaganda was born, and the humble flyer is still being used by Armed Forces to this day.

You might not have a hot air balloon at your disposal, and your message will be different, but the efficiency of the flyer remains unchanged. It is one of the most direct, simple, and cheap marketing tools ever.

Using an online flyer maker can be a complex business, and making those choices can be bewildering. Getting to the bottom of what makes a flyer really work for your event or business, however, is a matter of simplicity, and this is how it is done.

Grab Me!

Get my attention right away. When deciding whether to take the time to read your flyer, I’m going to be thinking, “What’s in it for me? What will I get out of it?” I’ve got a million things on my mind, and now your flyer pops up on my screen, is handed to me, or is posted on a wall. How will you set yourself apart?

Congressional campaign, rock concert, dry cleaning service, fundraiser, church meeting - why should I listen? Get my attention and show me. I haven’t got time to read a book, so tell me right away why I should care. Make your headline grab my attention and make a statement.My eyes will be drawn to it if that headline is bold, uses color, and above all, stands out.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Once you’ve captured my interest, the next feature my eye catches should hit me right in the gut. Most flyer templates will have one, and the best certainly do - a picture, an image. This should be an excellent, high definition, stand-out graphic. A generic clip art is not going to hold my attention. The best photos or images add interest and say more than a whole brochure because of one thing: emotion. Happy, sad, joyful, despondent , or fearful, our lives are directed by our emotional responses. The graphics you choose should evoke strong emotions in your readers that speak to your flyer’s purpose. Get a picture that works and a headline that grabs me, and we are two-thirds of the way there.

In one of his most memorable poems, Rudyard Kipling, the author of The Jungle Book, makes the case for a few honest questions that everyone should ask about an event- the “Five Ws and One H.” The poem begins, “I KEEP six honest serving-men (they taught me all I knew); their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.” Authors and reporters have been working to nail these questions ever since, and now you can join them. The answer to “How?” is usually the action your flyer is designed to provoke, and “Why?” is frequently hit on with the emotional response to the flyer itself (graphics, colors, etc.). The remaining four - “What, When, Where, and Who?” - need to be answered on your flyer, and you won’t have a novel at your disposal. In fact, you likely won’t even have one hundred words. You can expect to have only half of that to work with in order to keep the reader’s attention - just fifty words!

Now, answer those questions. Get your critical info organized. Use bullet points to help you. Keep your language clear, simple, direct, and, above all, easy to read! Keep your novel in the top drawer and your fancy fonts for your party invitations.

Accuracy Always

Proofread, check, and inspect your masterpiece. Look at it sideways and from far away, and then give it to someone else to check. You are a professional after all, and being professional is all about details. Oddly enough, even hopeless spellers know when something does not look right - and they, too, will walk away.

Your Flyer

The final product should be colorful, have a clear message, and still make use of some white space to let the eye rest and focus. It should work from the top down and be easy to understand. Your colors need to be coordinated and your typeface clear. You may not be throwing it out of a balloon, but you should be proud of this piece of you floating around and being read.

Start With a Winner

MyCreativeShop offers you an online flyer maker that seals the deal. Take a look at our award-winning graphic designs. Each flyer maker template is professionally designed and ready for you to fashion any way you want. These are simply the best templates available. You’ll start with a winner, and it feels great to have the best behind you. Every single thing you see on our templates is changeable - every line, font, color and image. You decide exactly what you want and how you want it.

Your choices extend right down to how you print. We’d be delighted to give you a competitive quote for a top-quality job. Equally, you can print elsewhere or simply download your flyer as a PDF file. Why not take a free test drive and see for yourself how simple it is to produce a stunning flyer that sings your praises to happy customers and clients all over town?

All our products come with a 7 day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee and we also guarantee our fabulous print quality 100%.

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