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Bi Fold Brochure

While a simple bi fold brochure is one of the best ways for you to market your company, did you know that pamphlets (essentially, one or more bi fold brochures combined to make a cover-free booklet) have been used effectively for hundreds of years?

Political propaganda was widely distributed in pamphlet form during the American Revolution, with Thomas Paine’s Common Sense being the most circulated. A number of Shakespeare’s early plays were originally published in pamphlet form, and the word “pamphlet” itself was first used in the late 14th century.

Your business is in great hands with the humble pamphlet, and it’s most basic form - a bi fold brochure - is one of the most common and effective means of reaching your audience. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the word “pamphlet” is ultimately derived from a Greek name that means “friend of everyone.” How can you ensure that your bi fold brochure is loved by all and not discretely recycled as soon as possible?

Simplicity Is the Key

The strongest advantage of a bi fold design is its simplicity. The simple act of folding over gives us not just two, but four canvases to work with. The fold itself adds an element of physical sturdiness. The fact is, this bi fold brochure could last awhile and be referenced by your customer or audience for a long time to come.

A few simple guidelines can help to get you thinking about how to make the most of this superb marketing opportunity.

Get It Down!

Taking a look at someone else’s bi fold brochure template design can be a great way to start. You can see what you like, admire what works, and start to think about what you need, which is exactly where you should begin. The most important question here is: ‘’What’s the purpose?” What is your primary goal? Everything in your brochure should support this point; nothing here is along for the ride. Are you here to inform, to entertain, or to create sales prospects?

Get Organized

Write down everything you can think of about your product or service. Get scrawling or typing. Carve it in hieroglyphics if you must, but write it down. You’ll probably have plenty to say, so this next task may come as a bit of a shock: reduce it by 50% - yes, half. Snip! A bi fold brochure is a prelude, an exciting teaser, and the beginning of a trail that will have customers wanting to know more. They don’t want your life story! Make this a clear path to your door. There will be images; there will be words. The two together are a heady combination, encouraging your audience to action.

Get Professional

No one is impressed by subpar work. If you have trouble finding words, get some professional help. A marketing copywriter can do some sleek wordsmithing for you. Understanding and utilizing principles of design and layout will show that you are serious about your business, and that means customers will want to work with you. A professional graphic designer will work wonders with those four sides. They’ll get your logo in place and your color scheme sorted. They can help you place and refine your copy for the inside and even source out great high resolution images to support your text.

Remember, this four page wonder is going to sell you. Before anyone reads a word of your text, they will be taking in those visuals and images. Only then will someone move on to read the information inside. If that is up to par, and it should be, your contact info on the back cover will show them exactly where to go and who to talk to.

Less is More

This valued saying could have been invented for bi fold brochure templates. Vibrant, clear, colorful, and easy to understand, your company’s brochure needs to stand out as an integrated professional production, and it should be printed on high-quality paper. You’ve come a long way from those first scribbles and hopeful dreams, and maybe you can now see something real and tangible starting to appear in front of your eyes.


At MyCreativeShop, we know that the most important decisions for your business need to come from the very people inspired to create it - you! Look again at our bi fold brochure templates. You can customize everything you see to suit your individual needs. Try it for free! There’s not a line, an object, or a color that cannot be moved, adapted, changed, or altered.

This little bit of ‘you’ will soon be out running around town and attracting all sorts of potential customers. They’ll focus as they see your attention-grabbing cover, and then they will flip open the doors to see exactly what you are all about. How come they didn’t know all of this before? Where have you been hiding? Who’d have thought that glossy bi fold brochure could be so informative and effective?

Take our free trial and verify that we do back up every wonderful thing we offer. Contact us with any questions you may have or assistance you may be looking for. We love to talk, and we love a challenge. Join the hundreds of successful businesses who have used our system to create the best bi fold brochures in town.